Featured Piece by Piece artist: Guadalupe G.

Although Guadalupe joined our program only little over one year ago, she has quickly become an enthusiastic participant in every workshop, and is working as a qualified artist on one of our large commission projects. Since her first days at Piece by Piece, Guadalupe has joined in, lending a hand wherever necessary and challenging herself with every mosaic piece she creates. She always greets everyone with a warm smile. Guadalupe graduated as a medical assistant in 2004, and calls herself a very active person. She has also faced some major health issues: she was diagnosed with cancer in 2007, and feels fortunate to now be in remission. Her bright and courageous spirit is a great benefit to the Piece by Piece family.


Have you done another type of artwork? I took some painting classes, but not for long. I enjoyed it.


Guadalupe in Visiting Artist Jolino Beserra's mosaic lamp workshop.

How long have you been taking workshops with Piece by Piece? I have taken workshops with Piece by Piece since June 2012, when Juan Carlos, my case manager, told me about the program, and I have liked it a lot.


 Guadalupe with Visiting Artist Charles Dickson at the Watts Towers

What do you like about the program? I like it because I have learned new things, and they treat me like family and I enjoy the classes a lot.

What materials do you like to use? I have enjoyed all the material that I have used until now,  but I find glass the most fun because of the varied colors and textures.



What is your favorite mosaic you have made? Sunflowers and the hummingbird. I have enjoyed all of them, but those are the best so far. I liked them a lot. I don't think they're the greatest, but I hope to improve with each passing day.


Guadalupe's first small commission.

What would you like to learn more about? I would like to improve each thing that I learn to do every day and that I do different things and I learn something new…I like that.

What is the most important thing you have learned in the workshops? I have tried to put into practice what I have learned, such as andamento for example, and using the colors and textures of the materials.


Dawn Mendelson

Dawn Mendelson has provided leadership in the development of Piece by Piece since 2007. She has over time built an arts curriculum for participants that fosters learning in design, drawing, creativity and collage mosaic technique. As Piece by Piece Artistic Director, she steers the vision for workshops held at a variety of locations. Dawn specializes in pique assiette, a style of mosaic which uses recycled materials. She has been featured on HGTV and Dawn was twice selected as Educator with the Mayor's Gang Reduction Program. Her passion is working with people, especially those who are new to art, and enjoying their moments of self-discovery.