Hanoch PivenThe colorful and witty illustrations of Israeli illustrator and Piece by Piece Visiting Artist Hanoch Piven have appeared throughout the last 18 years on both sides of the Atlantic. Since 2003, Piven has been conducting Workshops in many countries. The Workshops follow the principles of Piven's own collage technique and encourage children and adults to experiment with common day-today objects and pieces of the world around them to create their own works of art. On March 2010 The Skirball Cultural Center in LA will celebrate Pivenís work with the exhibition Making Faces, Pivenís first Museum Exhibition in the USA.

daybreak mosaicsSouthern California artist Dawn Mendelson has been creating mosaic art for eight years and is the Artistic Director of Piece by Piece. After receiving her master’s degree in English, Dawn worked in the publications field and as a fiction writer. An initial encounter with a small mosaic kit -- and subsequent classes, workshops and seminars -- launched her career as a professional mosaic artist. She specializes in pique assiette, a style of mosaic, which uses recycled materials. She works on both big and small projects, from fine vases to large-scale murals. She has been featured on HGTV and teaches beginning mosaic, working with both adults and children. Her work is exhibited in institutions and private collections; and is available through various museum stores and galleries through the western region.

Leigh Adams

I'm Leigh Adams and I'm honored to be a part of the Piece by Piece organization. I am fortunate to know two of the instructors and am feeling completely at home with the incredible artists they are supporting through this project. I am currently Artist in Residence at the LA County Arboretum and at Westland School in Bel Air. While glass is my primary medium, I love working with tile, glass tile, found objects, china, ceramic plates, beads, etc. My most happy moments are doing public art with children, outdoors, in a garden!

Beth BarrorHi! I’m Beth Barror. I graduated from Texas Women’s University with a B.S. in Fashion design and a minor in Photography, and have designed ladies’ fashion accessories for Brighton Accessories since 1990. In 2000 I created the “Enchanted Playhouse” for the Pasadena Showcase of Design and began my mosaic journey with a pair of colorful tiled window frames. From 2000 to 2004 I owned a life-style/gift store on Montana Ave. in Santa Monica where I continued working in mosaics and expanding my palette of materials to include glass, shells, crystals and anything else I thought might ‘stick’. Since 2002 I have also designed and created many large-scale projects for Brighton Collectibles across the U.S. from Palo Alto, CA to Paramus N.J. In 2007 I eagerly joined forces with Sophie Alpert and her quest to improve the lives of the underprivileged through mosaic. I have found that teaching is perhaps the best education of all. Currently I am writing a book, Mosaic Couture, about my mosaic journey so far.

BettyBetty Rosen Ziff is a professional free lance mosaic artist, community builder and educator. Her work can be seen in Eagle Rock Park, the Tacoma Museum of Glass, Angels Gate Cultural Center and in private residences and collections nationwide.

Jill Bea Jones, assistant instructor. Born in Los Angeles, with deep roots in the African American community, I am passionately dedicated to sharing what I have learned with others, most recently, in the "culturally diverse" communities of Los Angeles. These are my people, the people I have grown up with, work with and love.

I create art because I see art in everything that I touch on every level. It all has some demonstration of art. I find myself constantly thinking and creating and developing processes and applications. What inspires me is constantly immersing myself in the visual arts. I am encouraged by art enthusiasts, friends, students, experts and instructors to continue exploring and creating but it is my own passion for learning new art forms that continually drives me. One of my most valued communities and sources of continuing support is my community of artists. The conversations, practices and collaborations are a constant source of ongoing discovery and satisfaction. Due to challenges posed by academic mentors, my multi-media skills and talents have evolved and continue to do so.

When I am immersed in my work I lose track of time and all exterior pressures. My thought processes find a new clarity that is demonstrated in and through the work I am doing. Beyond creating new forms of art, my greatest joy comes from sharing what I have learned. I love to teach others and watch them spread the goodness throughout their communities.



Aida ValenciaKelley Knickerbocker is a mosaic artist/instructor based in Seattle, WA, where she creates fine art mosaic for public, residential and gallery spaces. Her medium of choice is glass, often mixed with other media, and weekend workshops on her signature stacked glass mosaic technique take her all over North America. Kelley's fine art mosaic works can be found in juried shows and private collections nationwide, as well as at her web site, www.rivenworksmosaics.com.

Aida ValenciaAida Valencia is an innovative visual artist born in San Diego and raised in Tijuana with a bicultural tendency. Her sculptures are characterized by the use of intense colors reflecting her Mexican roots in a contemporary form. Her life size works are full of color and movement. Aida uses copper, iron, glass, marble, semi-precious stones and recyclable materials.

Aida's works have been exhibited internationally and she has been the recipient of several awards, including The Society of American Mosaic Artists (SAMA) 2008 Contemporary Mosaic Exhibition’s First Place award for her sculpture, “Imagination and Magic."

Luz DuriniLuz Mack-Durini is a Southern California artist raised in the small and picturesque country of Costa Rica. Working with mosaics for over a decade, she has traveled to study with several renowned mosaic masters from around the world.

She has won several awards for her mosaic art and was granted with a scholarship to study at The Studio of the Corning Museum of Glass in New York and was selected to receive the Robin Brett Mosaic Scholarship given by The Society of American Mosaic Artists (SAMA), a non-profit organization dedicated to educating, inspiring, and promoting excellence in fine mosaic art.

Luz works with a variety of materials, including glass, stone, metal leafs and clay, incorporating different techniques to achieve unique effects in her work.

Currently she divides her time between creating mosaics in her studio, continuing her education and working as an instructor with Piece by Piece.


Hello, I’m Lillian Sizemore. I’ve been a professional artist for nearly 30 years, working in mixed-media mosaics since 1995. I bring a depth of knowledge from techniques to history, that allows students to engage with mosaics in a uniquely personal way. I’m a visiting artist at the J. Paul Getty Museum in Malibu and the Institute of Mosaic Art in Oakland, I have a studio in Sausalito, CA. I am so happy to share my Mind’s Eye Mandala Workshop with Piece by Piece. The mosaic work coming from this talented group of artists is truly inspired and of the highest quality. I believe artful expression is a basic human need, and the creative imagination is a true healing force. [Read Lillian's account of teaching at Piece by Piece]LauriaMika

I’m Laurie Mika and I am a mixed media artist, author and workshop instructor. Over the years I developed a style of creating mosaics using handmade polymer clay tiles, jewelry parts, beads and found objects. My work has been published in numerous books and magazines and in 2007, my own book, “Mixed Media Mosaics” was published. In television, I have been featured on both HGTV and DIY. I thoroughly enjoy teaching and sharing the magic that is polymer clay!! Teaching has given me the opportunity to travel and meet incredibly creative and inspiring individuals around the world.

IvanJimenezMy name is Ivan Jimenez. Piece by Piece is very important to me because I am able to share what I know and give back to the community. I am enriched and inspired by the talent of the artists in every workshop. Piece by Piece helps me to appreciate the difference art can make in people's lives. I was born in Mexico City and moved to the United States at the age of 12. I became an artist to learn and to convey the idea that knowledge is a primary source of any creative movement. My work consists of two dimensional art, installations, and performance art. In 2008, I created a gallery space for other artists in my community to show fine art.

Hi, I'm Karen Silton. I am a native of Los Angeles and I've been a professional artist for over twenty years working in ceramics, handmade ceramic tile and fine art mosaics. I have been selling and exhibiting my work throughout this time and have collectors worldwide. I am also a passionate educator of mosaics here in the Los Angeles community over the last 12 years and I'm currently teaching mosaics at Pierce and Glendale Community College extensions and other locations. Hand in hand with education goes my dedication to community built mosaics. Last November 2010, a three year collaborative mosaic project that I initiated and faciliated at a Boyle Heights family homeless shelter managed by LA Family Housing was completed in the form of a 30' exterior wall on the shelter premises. I really enjoy sharing my skills and energies with diverse communities of all ages, backgrounds and capabilities. I feel that art is meant to be inclusive and that we are meant to express our individuality by being creative. It's a way for us all to connect through being ourselves and developing respect and tolerance for our uniqueness.