Make Your Next Event Meaningful

PlaceCardFramesMarch 2009

We had a short engagement and our wedding day was quickly approaching. I had wanted to do something to give back to our community since I felt a little gratuitous getting married at a time when our economy was tanking. At a business lunch Randy Lapin told me about Piece by Piece.  I called Sophie, who immediately responded and told me about the programs and the mosaic pieces by the artists.  We decided to make small picture frames which would serve as place card holders and take away gifts for our guests (they fit the photo booth pictures.) Our check-in table was decorated with large mosaic picture frames which had descriptions and  photos of Piece by Piece in action and at the wedding ceremony the artists made mosaic planters which anchored the Chuppa.  

I was fortunate to spend time with the artists when they were making our frames. Sophie and her staff, along with the artists, greeted me with eager smiles and were organized and prepared for a couple hours of work.  Work, that's the wonderful part of this organization.  Piece by Piece provides work for the homeless, yet it doesn't deprive them of their dignity or creative outlet.  I am completely impressed by the goals, ambitions and process of this organization and the people it attracts.  The gifts the artists gave us keeps giving. We proudly have the frames displayed in our offices and home.  I want everyone I know to incorporate Piece by Piece when planning a party, buying gifts, decorating homes or offices or just because.  We are blessed to have luxuries in life and it is good to be reminded that we can help our community and be given so much in return for it.

Thank you Sophie for your tireless effort in making Piece by Piece a program you should be sooo proud of.

Tree of LIfe

April 4, 2009

Last July, Bernie Harris celebrated his 90th Birthday! In our family, every birthday that ends in zero is not only a milestone, but an opportunity to give back to the community in a meaningful way.

In honor of this momentous occasion, we chose to partner with Piece by Piece, a wonderful organization which is helping disadvantaged residents of our underserved communities through an innovative micro-enterprise arts program. Collaborating with family and friends, we created two projects with Piece by Piece. The first was a stunning mosaic "Tree of Life" mural that was donated to UCLA's Center on Aging. We also created beautiful mosaic mezuzahs for Wilshire Boulevard Temple's, "Early Childhood Education" classrooms. In addition, mosaic centerpieces created by the organization's artists were a focal point at the celebratory party held at the Pacific Design Center in West Hollywood.

From the beginning stages of design through the completion of the project, Working with Piece by Piece was exciting, creative and professional. Guests were able to participate "hands on" at the event by working on the mosaic mural alongside many of the Piece by Piece artists. There was something for everyone to become engaged in as well as an opportunity to share the sense of accomplishment and pride of having worked together on a community project.

Piece by Piece added so much to our celebration. Not a day goes by without someone mentioning what a great idea our collaboration with Piece by Piece was as a way of "giving back." Being able to share this special Birthday with our friends, family and the many grateful artists from Piece by Piece was a gift that will always be treasured. We are proud to have played a role supporting the important work Piece by Piece is doing to improve lives of those less fortunate in our own Los Angeles communities.

We wish Piece by Piece much success and continued growth. We encourage others to partner with Piece by Piece in similar creative fashion when planning an event or celebration.

All the best,

Bernie and Salli Harris

Noah Shafton

January 22, 2011

I chose to have donations made to Piece by Piece in honor of my birthday instead of presents because Piece by Piece helps people help themselves. Also, it makes me feel good about myself knowing I have helped others!

—9-year-old Noah Shafton


May 11, 2010

I have always been really passionate about helping people who are less fortunate than myself. Rachel friendsWhen my mom asked me what I would like to do for my mitzvah project, I immediately thought of Piece by Piece. I saw how amazing and beautiful the bowl that my parents bought from Piece by Piece was, which gave me theinspiration to have this as my mitzvah project.

This was a charity that incorporated two of my passions, helping the less fortunate and art. My experience making the mosaic boxes at the Piece by Piece workshop was incredible. I was able to meet individuals who have now become artists and have been able to support themselves through selling their beautiful pieces.

Thank you Sophie for giving me this opportunity.

Love, Rachel