National Endowment for the Arts Funds Piece by Piece to connect Mosaic Artists with Residents of Skid Row Supportive Housing

The NEA award supports our Directed Studies series that brings artists together with residents of Skid Row and South Los Angeles. Artists will lead workshops that provide hands-on instruction in advanced mosaic art technique. Participants will participate in eight distinct offerings, each involving multiple sessions, supporting the development of advanced art skills and promoting innovation in the Mosaic Art discipline.  View Press Release

2016 Directed Studies Calendar

Visiting Artist: Julie Williams
Topic of Study: Color is Light
Workshop Date: January 4 & 11

Julie Williams' kicked off the our 2016 Directed Studies series with a workshop that is all about color. After experimenting with paper, our participant artists will create small but colorful mosaic landscapes. 

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Visiting Artist: Leigh Adams
Topic of Study: Cultural Hand Mandala
Workshop Date: February 1 & 8

We are celebrating different cultures at Piece by Piece this month, learning from each other and taking inspiration from our past and present through art. Leigh Adams will be leading a workshop in which our artist participants will create individual hand mosaics highlighting their cultural pride. These individual hand mosaics will then be combined to make a large Cultural Mandala. 

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More info: Leigh Adams

Visiting Artist: Lillian Sizemore
Topic of Study: Mandalas
Workshop Dates: April 11th & 12th

Lillian Sizemore will be introducing participants to her techniques for creating a Mind's Eye Mandala.

Lillian has studied mosaics at the prestigious Studio Arte del Mosaico in Ravenna, Italy, Art History at the Universitá de Bologna and holds degrees in Fine Art and Italian from Indiana University. A professional artist, educator, and scholar, she has served on the faculty at the Institute of Mosaic Art in Berkeley, and a visiting artist at the Getty Villa in Los Angeles, the Legion of Honor in San Francisco, and The Field Museum in Chicago.

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More Info: Lillian Sizemore

Visiting Artist: Mireille Swinnen
Topic of Study: TBD
Workshop Dates: April 25th & May 2nd

Mireille Swinnen is Belgian by nationality but has lived abroad all her adult life. She currently lives in Los Angeles but dedicates a minimum of three months a year to her studio in Belgium where she teaches mosaics since 2006. Over the past few years, Mireille has specialized in animal and human portraits in the preferred medium of her choice, smalti. Her work has been selected for various shows and exhibits, SAMA Chicago, SAMA Seattle, the yearly exhibit in Paray-le-Monial and multiple private exhibitions.

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More Info: Mireille Swinnen Mosaics

Visiting Artist: Carol Shelkin
Topic of Study: Painting
Workshop Dates: June 22 & 23

Carol Shelkin will be introducing participants to a painting with glass technique.

Carol studied at Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, Philadelphia and studied under mosaic masters in Ravenna, Italy. Before being a full time artist and instructor, she owned a successful, arts nursery school/child care for many years. Carol is also a Founding Member and current President of The Mosaic Society of Philadelphia. Carol finds a very eclectic approach to surface design, placing glass where she, as a painter naturally places paint.

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More Info: Carol Shelkin Mosaics

Visiting Artist: Anne Marie Price
Topic of Study: Beach Mosaics
Workshop Dates: November 7 & 14


Anne Marie Price is going to be introducing Piece by Piece participants to Beach Mosaics using natural materials found on the beach.

Anne Marie Price is a full time studio artist who creates public, private and community-based commissions, as well as fine art. Through self exploration for over a decade, she has been inspired by nature, and incorporates nature into all her work. Beach Mosaics are an extension of that exploration creating temporary mosaic art to be washed away by the waves, and enjoyed briefly by the public.

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More Info: Anne Marie Price