National Endowment for the Arts Funds Piece by Piece to connect Mosaic Artists with Residents of Skid Row Supportive Housing

The NEA award supports our Directed Studies series that brings artists together with residents of Skid Row and South Los Angeles. Artists will lead workshops that provide hands-on instruction in advanced mosaic art technique. Participants will participate in six distinct offerings, each involving multiple sessions, supporting the development of advanced art skills and promoting innovation in the Mosaic Art discipline.  View Press Release

2017 Directed Studies Calendar

Visiting Artist: Dawn Mendelson
Topic of Study: Andamento Cutting Technique
Workshop Date: April

Dawn Mendelson kicked off Visiting Artist workshops by leading a cutting technique workshop focused on Andamento. 

Andamento is the visual flow and placement of the individual pieces in a mosaic, a critical element to the artform. In the class, participants practiced cutting techniques and learned traditional methods and designs by creating samplers of each andamento opus.

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About the Artist: Dawn Mendelson

Visiting Artist: Anne Marie Price
Topic of Study: Perspective Butterflies
Workshop Date: May

201705 - Anne Marrie.jpg

Participants worked on color and design elements as well as using a special technique, fabricating pieces on mesh for later installation. These butterflies became part of a group project.

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About the Artist: Anne Marie Price


Visiting Artist: Leigh Adams
Topic of Study: Tangrams
Workshop Dates: June

Geometry in Mosaic workshop using the Tangram as inspiration. The tangram is a dissection puzzle consisting of seven flat shapes, called tans, which are put together to form shapes. Participants developed cutting skills and focused on shapes and design.

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About the Artist: Leigh Adams

Visiting Artist: Jolino Beserra
Topic of Study: Pique Assiette Mosaics
Workshop Dates: July


Workshop Activity

Pique Assiette mosaic -- using repurposed materials in mosaic. Participants learned how to work with 3D elements in mosaic. Special techniques included working with saw to cut pieces in half, using different adhesives for appropriate applications, and design. Final piece is a multi panel mosaic of a Sugar Skull, from the traditions of Mexico's Day of the Dead. 

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About the Artist: Jolino Bessera

Visiting Artist: Carol Shelkin
Topic of Study: Painting with Glass
Workshop Dates: November

Carol Shelkin will be introducing participants to a painting with glass technique.

Participants learn to see value (light and dark), working with stained glass to create a small realism mosaic. Skill building included color theory, cutting techniques, and design.

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More Info: Carol Shelkin Mosaics

Visiting Artist: Julie Williams
Topic of Study: Drawing and Sketching for Mosaic
Workshop Dates: November


Participants learned sketching practices, allowing them to visually articulate their concepts. Inspired by the teachings of artist Lynda Barry, who encourages people to experiment and create freely through drawing. Drawings created in this workshop were transferred into mosaic pieces.

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More Info: Julie Williams