Our social enterprise provides residents of Skid Row and South Los Angeles opportunities to attain expert skill in the art of mosaic with earnings for their work as a Piece by Piece Artisan.



Our line of MosaicWares are handcrafted by our artisans. Artisans work together to create both popular and unique designs. All pieces are hand-cut and fabricated during our artisan studio sessions. Our series of Art-Inspired vases -- such as the Kandinsky, the Eames, and the Mondrian -- have been designed by individual artists. Purchases of these products goes to support our overall Artisan Studio program.
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Piece by Piece artisans have created unique awards for a number of organizations including Universal, United Way, Corporation for Supportive Housing, Skid Row Housing Trust, and the Southern California Leadership Network. Custom designs as well as logo renditions in mosaic make presentations and recognitions extra special.


Individual Artwork

The artwork for sale in this gallery is designed and created by individual artists. From original concept to final fabrication, the journey of the artist – both new and experienced – helps develop creativity, technical skills, and self-confidence. Each piece is an expression of the person creating it, and your purchase directly supports that specific artist. Shop Artwork



From small personalized pieces to large scale murals and sculptural elements, the Piece by Piece artisan team has created unique projects for organizations such as A Community of Friends, Legal Aid Foundation of Los Angeles, Los Angeles County Arboretum, Taylor Yard, Irvine Valley College as well as a number of private residences. Learn more here. To inquire about a special commission, please email: info@piecebypiece.org


Arte Mercado Gallery

Art is on view at our Gallery shop in Mercado La Paloma
3655 S. Grand Avenue, Los Angeles, CA, 90007

View Exhibits online at our Arte Mercado Page at www.thepieceshop.com