AmeriCorps VISTA Volunteers Join Piece by Piece

Photo courtesy of AmeriCorps

Piece by Piece, a hub of hope and creativity in Los Angeles, is thrilled to announce our new partnership with AmeriCorps VISTA, an initiative that strengthens organizations and communities across the nation. By hosting AmeriCorps VISTA volunteers, we are set to enhance our program capacity significantly, focusing on expanding our outreach, bolstering volunteer engagement, and sharpening our business-to-business marketing strategies.

AmeriCorps VISTA (Volunteers in Service to America) has a storied history dating back to 1965, conceived as part of President Lyndon B. Johnson’s War on Poverty. The program is designed to foster community empowerment by addressing poverty's underlying causes. VISTA volunteers work with local organizations to build infrastructure, expand community programs, and generate sustainable solutions. They serve not as direct service providers, but as catalysts for change, helping to bring communities out of poverty.

At Piece by Piece, our mission is deeply aligned with the principles of AmeriCorps VISTA. We aim to empower individuals who have experienced homelessness or economic insecurity through the transformative power of mosaic art. Our free workshops offer more than artistic skills; they are a pathway to confidence, earning income, wellness, and an enhanced quality of life.

This partnership will introduce three crucial roles to our team:

Outreach Coordinator: This role will focus on expanding our community reach, ensuring that more Angelenos can benefit from our workshops. The coordinator will build relationships within the other nonprofits in the community, bring in new resources, and increase program visibility.
Volunteer Coordinator: This role will manage and expand our volunteer base. By leading events, developing training programs and enhancing volunteer recognition, Piece by Piece will provide an even richer experience for both volunteers and participants.
B2B Marketing Coordinator: This role will develop strategies to connect with businesses and organizations that can purchase corporate gifts, large scale commissions, and team-building workshops.

Each VISTA volunteer will bring their unique strengths to these roles, driven by a shared commitment to community service and development.

By integrating AmeriCorps VISTA volunteers into our community, Piece by Piece is not just expanding its capacity; we are multiplying the impact of our efforts. The synergy between VISTA’s mission and our own promises not only growth but a deepened ability to enact lasting change in the lives of those we serve.

We are excited for the road ahead and deeply grateful for the energy, insight, and dedication that AmeriCorps VISTA volunteers will bring to our work. Together, we will continue to build more than mosaics; we build lives, piece by piece.

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