Piece by Piece Board Retreat: A Day of Reflection and Planning

On April 20, 2024, the Piece by Piece Board gathered for a day of reflection, team building, and strategic planning. The retreat provided an invaluable opportunity for board members to reconnect with the organization’s mission, reflect on past achievements, and brainstorm ideas for the future. The day was facilitated by Julie Ha Truong of Leadership Savvy.

Sophie Alpert, Piece by Piece's founder, officially welcomed everyone, setting a warm and positive tone. Following her welcome, a heartwarming video was shown, highlighting what Piece by Piece meant to various members in 2023, reminding everyone of the impact and importance of their work.

Maggie Bohlman, Piece by Piece's Executive Director, then introduced the day’s purpose and introduced Julie, who led many of the day's activities, including an engaging opening activity that helped everyone get energized and focused.

Sophie presented the history of Piece by Piece, providing context and continuity. Maggie followed with the an overview of the Annual Report and new website, showcasing the organization's progress and digital presence.

Dawn Mendelson, Artistic & Program Director and Mercedes Tondre, Grant Writer,  delivered an updates on the programs and grants, highlighting the successes and opportunities in funding and program development. Afterward, Julie facilitated reflection breakouts, allowing board members to discuss and reflect on the presented information.

The focus then shifted to board development and engagement, with Julie leading a session aimed at strengthening the board's cohesion and effectiveness. This session emphasized the importance of each member's role and ways to enhance their engagement with the organization.

After a group photo and lunch break, the retreat resumed with a forward-looking session. This session focused on action planning for the next year to 18 months, longer-term strategic planning, and committee sign-ups for Fall 2024. These discussions were crucial for setting the direction and priorities for Piece by Piece’s future.

The day concluded with wrap-up reflections, allowing board members to share their thoughts and takeaways from the retreat. The session adjourned, leaving everyone inspired and ready to take on the challenges and opportunities ahead.

The Piece by Piece Board retreat fostered a sense of unity and shared purpose among board members. By reflecting on the past, celebrating achievements, and planning strategically for the future, the board is well-equipped to guide Piece by Piece toward continued success and impact.

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