Piece by Piece Stories

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  • Artist working on a color wheel at a Piece by Piece workshop.

    Piece by Piece Study the Value of Color

    We started refreshing our color wisdom by creating color wheels and learning primary, secondary and tertiary colors as well as touching on value, hue and saturation. Like many mediums, the importance of contrasting colors, complementary colors and the vibrancy of color are all important factors in creating a mosaic.
  • A mosaic of a mug of yellow, blue, and red flowers.

    Recycled Materials Are the Focus for April’s Workshops

    In April, Program & Artistic Director Dawn Mendelson led a series of workshops focused on pique assiette, a form of mosaic making use of a myriad of rejected materials that have found their ultimate purpose in the hands of artists.
  • An instructor teaching a mosaic workshop at Piece by Piece.

    March Workshops Focus on Stained Glass Mosaic

    In March we were thrilled to have not one but three highly-skilled instructors share their talents and knowledge in a series of classes focusing on stained glass in mosaic. Piece by Piece receives hundreds of pounds of scrap glass, and it is a primary type of material used in our projects.
  • Artist working on a mosaic at a Piece by Piece workshop.

    Going with the Flow: Participant Artists Learn About Cutting Techniques and Andamento

    In the month of February, Piece by Piece workshops focused on andamento, a mosaic term that means the visual flow and direction of a mosaic, created by the cutting and placement of the pieces or tesserae into patterns. As an...

  • Mosaic made of shells and other found material on a blue background.

    Piece by Piece Artists Embrace Natural Materials

    This workshop also presented the opportunity to understand the special qualities of these natural materials. While some rocks and stones can be easily chipped, others require a more precise tool to shape the material. Participants tried their hand at the traditional hammer and hardie, tools dating back thousands of years to create mosaics.
  • A group of mosaics with different words: "hope" "life" "heal" and "family".

    The Power of Words - A twist on November's book theme!

    In November, artist Instructor Ellen Dinerman offered a unique take on our books theme. She challenged Piece by Piece artists in a series of workshops that studied the history and development of type and typefaces, and also examined unique techniques used to create lettering in mosaic