Ten reasons to shop at Piece by Piece

Piece by Piece is a non profit social enterprise whose mission is to is to empower residents who have experienced homelessness or economic insecurity by providing free mosaic art workshops enabling them to build confidence, earn supplementary income, promote wellness and an improved quality of life. When you shop at Piece by Piece you are supporting this mission and powering a small business that supports individuals who are building new futures for themselves.
Here are are ten reasons we hope will encourage you to shop at Piece by Piece either in person or online. Our website is always open and we have holiday shopping days on December first and third that you can find information about here.

1. You will find beautiful and unique gifts.
2. Piece by Piece gifts are handcrafted by talented individuals overcoming challenges like homelessness, economic insecurity, trauma and loss.
3. You can learn about the artists you are supporting when you read their profiles, watch their videos and hear their stories.
4. You are supporting a small non profit social enterprise and helping the local economy of South Los Angeles. 
5. Piece by Piece uses over two tons of recycled materials each year in the art that is created. Your purchase is reducing waste going into landfills!
6. Many of the pieces are designed by the artists and are one of-a-kind works of art. 
7. Purchasing from Piece by Piece creates local jobs.
8. If you aren’t sure what your recipient will prefer as a gift, Piece by Piece also has gift certificates.
9. Your purchases support healing arts and wellness programs that local community members can access free of charge. 
10. It will make you feel good!

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