Crest Apartments

  • Piece by Piece installed four large garden spheres and an 8ft mosaic piller in the Crest Apartment landscaping.

    The Crest is housing for Skid Row Housing Trust residents in Van Nuys. Through our affiliation with Skid Row Housing Trust, it was created to reflect the surrounding landscape, providing an extra layer of inspiration and wonder to tenants and visitors alike.

    Our instructor Leigh Adams conducted a workshop there where residents contributed by creating small elements worked into the overall design, and our artisans completed the spheres.

  • Comissioned by: Skid Row Housing Trust

    Size: (1) 2 ft dia x 8 ft tall column + (3) 30 in dia spheres

    Materials: Recycled ceramic and glass

    Viewing: Supportive Housing, not public

    Address: 13604 Sherman Way, Van Nuys, CA 91405

    Piece by Piece Artists: Luz Mack-Durini, Dawn Mendelson, Julie Williams, Jose M., Victor J., Hilda M., Mike V., Ninive, Victor V., Hugo S.