Silver Star

  • Veterans in the United States face intense challenges when rehabilitating and reintegrating back into society. Some of the biggest barriers are access to jobs and housing, and their journey is often difficult and complex.

    Piece by Piece received this commission to design an exterior artwork for new housing forĀ homeless veterans from A Community of Friends, a nonprofit that provides supportive housing inĀ Los Angeles.

    The 10-foot by 20-foot modular project was inspired by theĀ namesake of the building, the Silver Star, which is the third highest honor for valor in combat. The journey a veteran takes is often abstract, leading in different directions with a gamut of emotions and experiences, often jarring and leaving a lifelong impact. Not every path is clear, not every direction defined.

    The design chosen alludes to the complexities of maneuvering both in the combat field and in the efforts to return to a sense of normalcy. Their acts of valor are acknowledged in this piece through the vibrancy of colorful tile. The basic geometric shapes reveal the outlines of a star, encouraging the viewer look deeper, and appreciate the bravery and courage of our veterans.

    Our artists worked with a wonderful donation of materials from Malibu Tile to create intricate layouts within the design, resulting in a vibrant and powerful look.

    The residents of the Silver Star also worked on the project in a special workshop where they contributed to a section of the mural as well as creating small individual mosaics for themselves.

  • Comissioned by: A Community of Friends

    Size: 10 ft x 20 ft modular mosaic panels

    Materials: Ceramic tile and glass

    Viewing: Public, viewed from street

    Address: 6570 West Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90043

    Piece by Piece Artists: Dawn Mendelson,Ā Luz Mack-Durini,Ā Julie Williams, Bea Jones, Hilda M., Jose M., Carole B., Terry, Mike V., Victor V., Victor J., Ninive, Abraham R., Guadalupe G.