Hollywood Circle Wall

For this wonderful project, we were contacted by a client who was doing some renovations to his yard and wanted an art element added to the retaining wall of his pool. He was looking for something energetic and vibrant. Inspired by Kandinsky's lively abstract work, we designed a series of interlocking circles.

The variety of materials gave this project vibrant energy with bright colors and rich textures.

The initial design designated the colors, but it was through the unique mix of materials including repurposed ceramics, stained glass and dichroic tile, that added the extra verve.

going over designProgram Director Dawn Mendelson with Lead Instructor Luz Mack working with Piece by Piece artisan Carole at the beginning of the project.

Additionally, each artisan working on the project brought their own talents to the table by using the cutting techniques and andamento (flow) they most related to. Each voice of each artisan is heard, and each style represented.

Each artisan brought their individual talents to the project, making each section of the design unique.

The client also asked us for some smaller elements to put throughout the other areas of his space. We created a series of smaller circles, individually designed by the artisans. These circles were then installed all around the property.

Small circles on mesh were installed throughout the property.

Some time after this project had been installed, the client contacted us again to create a small table for him, along the same theme as the Circle Wall. One of our artisans, Mike, studied the original work and created a similar design, this time using primarily stained glass, for the table.


Piece by Piece artisans Mike and Jose work together on custom table for same client.

This project has been one of our most popular for its vibrant colors and texture. We are grateful to clients like this who believe in our abilities, asking us to use our talents to create something special for their space.


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