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Our mission is to empower residents who have experienced homelessness or economic insecurity by providing free mosaic art workshops enabling them to build confidence, earn supplementary income, promote wellness and an improved quality of life.

Summer Fun!

Brighten up your space for summer with a radiant mosaic masterpiece! Your purchase provides meaningful work and income for our artists, nurturing an enriching community where the transformative and healing powers of art are celebrated.

Artists are the heartbeat of our mission

Each artist has progressed through the Piece by Piece class offerings and certificate program demonstrating their perseverance and skill. They emerge not just as skilled artisans, but as empowered individuals who can earn a meaningful income through their art. Every purchase supports our free training program, enabling our artists to rebuild their lives with every creation that comes to life in our studio.

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About Piece by Piece

Healing Through Art

Through free art workshops, and a safe welcoming community individuals who have experienced economic hardship are provided with the tools to heal, build community and master skills to earn income.

We partner with a variety of nonprofits and other supportive organizations to provide opportunities to engage not only in art making, but developing both technical and creative skills as well as building community. Our team of instructors and artists work collaboratively with these groups to promote wellness, improve stability, foster creativity and enhance participants’ quality of life.