Meet Cecelia: Piece by Piece Mosaic Artist

Today, we have the pleasure of speaking with Cecelia, who joined our program at Piece by Piece a few months ago. She has undergone a remarkable personal and artistic transformation within our program, gaining newfound confidence and resilience. Cecelia has discovered her unique artistic identity and left a lasting impact on the mosaic art community. Let's chat with Cecelia about her time here at Piece by Piece.

How did you hear about Piece by Piece?
I learned about Piece by Piece when I visited the LA Law Library. They had a table there, and since I love mosaics, I decided to attend one class. After that, I knew I wanted to stay.

What do you enjoy about mosaics?
I love the versatility of mosaics. I can create something meaningful from broken pieces. I can incorporate various materials from different sources into my art.

What motivates you to come back to the program every week?
The people here are incredibly kind. Being at Piece by Piece is better than being alone at home. I'm grateful for the wonderful people I've met here.

Cecelia Piece by Piece Artist
What has been your favorite project?
I particularly enjoyed the glass-on-glass workshop we had. The artwork we created was beautiful, and it brings me joy every time I look at it.

Have you explored other art styles before joining Piece by Piece?
I've recently started painting, but during the COVID pandemic, I began making beaded chains. They take a long time to create, but I appreciate the process. It's simple yet enjoyable, as I can take my time while working on them.

Do you have a preferred theme for your work?
I'm eager to learn and explore everything. Sometimes, if I stick to just one thing, I lose interest. I started learning painting through YouTube recently, and I want to combine it with my mosaic work.

Since joining Piece by Piece, how have you seen yourself change or grow?
I now have hope in my life. I wasn't satisfied before, but now I'm happy. I've realized that even as a slow learner or worker, I can create beauty. I can share my creations with friends and family, and together, we can build something meaningful.

What are your goals with your art?
Back in the Philippines, I used to sell little bracelets, pendants, and other small pieces of art. Now, with mosaic and the additional art forms I'm learning, I can expand my offerings. Art brings me happiness and reduces my stress, allowing me to continue learning and growing at my own pace.

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