Meet John: A newly Certified Artist

As the year keeps moving along, more artists are completing their certifications and becoming Piece by Piece Certified Artists! John recently met with Artistic Director, Dawn Mendelson, to demonstrate the new skills he’s learned and pass the Level 1 certification requirements! As Level 1 Certified Artist, John had to master core concepts in mosaic art including safety, cutting, adamento, color theory, finishing techniques and more. We sat down with John earlier this week to talk with him about how he came to Piece by Piece, and what he plans for his future. 


What does it mean to you to get your certificate?
It gives me a challenge to do better now and challenge myself. I want to progress to be better in mosaic and expand my horizons. It makes me want to try new forms of mosaic and try things that aren’t my style. 

Do you plan to continue your levels?
Yes, I want to continue learning as much as I can. I just want to make myself better at everything I can. I feel there’s more I can achieve and I want to see what I can do.  

What did you do before Piece by Piece?
I was sketching, drawing, and working with watercolor. Outside of art, I worked in caregiving for seniors which I did for 6 or 7 years. I had to switch to taking care of myself recently, and that’s when I found Piece by Piece. I was introduced to it by another participant over COVID, but when the restrictions were lifted I was excited to join in person. 

Now that you’re here, how have you grown?
I feel more enthusiastic overall. I’ve made more friends and have surprised myself. Normally I don’t throw myself out there but I’m proud that I’ve done this and that I continue to come.

What excites you about coming to workshops? 
Seeing everyone. They keep me going. They’ve become my second family. I see them more than I see my actual family most weeks. We inspire each other and have a great time too.

How do you use your skills here in the outside world?
I communicate better with people now. It’s easier for me to talk to people every day. I’ve opened up too, I used to be a lot shyer. 

What do you want to focus on with your art?
I’m interested in realism and I want to give it a try. It seems difficult but it looks so amazing. I like to challenge myself. So far I’m trying things that to me feel like I’m not working to my full potential. 

What does reaching your full potential look like for you?
I want to have a show of my own mosaic art. I’d love to be in a gallery some day. Have my drawings, sketches and mosaic art on the way to show. That’s the goal.

Now that John is a Level 1 Certified Artist, he is able to sell his works on the Piece by Piece retail gallery and begin to grow his career as an artist. Be sure to read his profile and check out his newest pieces. All of us at Piece by Piece look forward to seeing  what new and amazing creations he’s made! 

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