Micromosaic Fun with Ellen Dinerman

In June, Piece by Piece participants studied micromosaics, a style of mosaic using small rods of glass to create tiny figurative images. While traditional Italian micromosaics are extremely intricate, in this workshop, instructor Ellen Dinerman guided artists to create more simple designs. Everyone created a series of sketches first to develop their ideas and select colors. By starting simple, artists were able to focus on the process for their first pieces.

Micromosaic being created

Once they had the experience of using tweezers and other methods to embed pieces into the adhesive, they could turn their attention to more detailed designs. Using a variety of materials including millefiori, filati, and tiny ceramic tiles, each artist created several small pendants. While some designs were geometric, others were more abstract or nature-inspired.

In addition to the hands-on experience in the classroom, Ellen also did a series of virtual presentations for participants on the history of micromosaic as well as looking at several professional artists’ work. “The historical point of origin is very interesting,” said artist June. “I am looking forward to learning more.” This well-rounded historical and practical series of workshops brought new skills to Piece by Piece artists, both new and experienced.

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