Upcoming Exhibition: "Moment to Moment"

DECEMBER 3, 2022 6-9PM
Contemporary Abstract Paintings by Laura Letchinger
with Mosaic Artworks by Piece by Piece
Loiter Galleries
425 Promenade North, Long Beach, CA 90802

Contemporary Abstract Paintings by Laura Letchinger

About The Show

The past two years of the pandemic shifted not only my art business, but also my creative focus. Although as a painter I've mostly worked in an unplanned, abstract expressionist manner, during covid I soon felt like glass being shaped in fire . . . expanding and stretching, pulled towards something new yet undefined, and letting it happen moment to moment. Tragedy and heartache were and are everywhere, from the effects of the virus and climate change, to ongoing inequality, racism, sociopathic power-mongering and greed. Simultaneously though, air pollution from fossil fuels decreased drastically, even if temporarily. Many found a new appreciation for the great outdoors, for nurturing others in need, for the company of plants and animals, and for the freedom of living in the moment. The stark contrasts of this time were and are undeniable, differences inevitably ending up in new paintings, bound together by the constancy of hope.

I'm very happy to have been invited by Monica Fleming and Vinny Picardi, founders of the innovative Loiter Galleries, to do a solo show, and once again so excited to have South L.A. based mosaic arts nonprofit Piece by Piece exhibit their beautiful mosaic artworks as my Special Guest. I'll have over 20 paintings on view, as well as our new collaborative mosaic artwork. I'll be donating 10% of my sales to this amazing community. Hope you can join us on December 3rd . . . the show runs for about five weeks.



About Laura Letchinger

I create large contemporary abstract paintings from my studio in Los Angeles. I also collaborate with South L.A. based mosaic arts nonprofit Piece by Piece to produce large combination painting/mosaic artworks. Abstract expressionism, graffiti and street art all resonate with me, and my current work is often a mash up of differences and contrasts.

More About Laura

About Piece by Piece

Our mission is to empower residents who have experienced homelessness or economic insecurity by providing free mosaic art workshops enabling them to build confidence, earn supplementary income, promote wellness and an improved quality of life.

More About Piece by Piece

About Loiter Galleries

Established in 2018, Loiter Galleries' mission is to support local underserved artists by providing affordable gallery space, promotion, and general support even during the most challenging of times. We also serve the business community and our Long Beach neighborhoods by filling vacant store fronts with art and optimism. We believe that art is a powerful tool in the evolution of neighborhoods and cities. And that the accessibility of art is of the utmost importance.

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