October Sculpture Mosaic Workshop

Visiting artist Julie Williams returned this month to teach her very popular workshop, Mosaic Shoes. This project starts with a shoe that is first cleaned and then covered in plaster. Participant artists had to carefully and delicately cover the shoe while retaining the shape. Some artists worked on stilettoes, while others worked on boots. Some shoes were personal, from family, while others were from a local thrift store.

Artist Vatrenia had been waiting for this workshop since she arrived a Piece by Piece a year ago this month. “I love the fact that I had an interest in something, and Piece by Piece made it happen,” she said. At the end of every year, all participants, staff, instructors, and volunteers gather to envision the new year, choosing the skills artists want to hone and projects they want to create. Mosaic shoes was one of the most requested workshops.

After the plaster has set, participant artists set about coming up with designs and applying mosaic to the shoes. Because of the complex shape of a shoe, the pieces need to be much smaller and intricate. Everyone took great joy in finding just the right adornments to accent their designs.

“The instructor, Julie, was awesome and very attentive,” said Vatrenia. “I definitely will be making more shoes! I am making seven flip-flops for members of my family.”

We can’t wait to see them!

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