Piece by Piece Field Trip to Hauser & Wirth

A Glimpse of Our Time Exploring the  Thomas J Price Exhibit

Recently, the artists, instructors, and staff of Piece by Piece embarked on a field trip to Hauser & Wirth in Los Angeles' Arts District  to explore the new exhibition called "Beyond Measure" by Thomas J Price, a talented British artist known for his diverse body of work.

We were incredibly fortunate to have two exceptional Hauser & Wirth guides, Henny and Cameron. Henny was able to converse with our Spanish-speaking participants, ensuring they felt included and answering any questions they had. Cameron provided a detailed overview of the building, taking us through its rich history and showcasing the stunning sunny garden. It was fascinating to learn that the building itself is the oldest in the Arts District, and the front gallery, which housed the Price exhibit, used to be a bank. We could still see remnants of its original architectural details, adding an extra layer of intrigue to our visit.

The exhibit primarily featured Price's sculptures and busts. The bronze sculptures, ranging from 9 to 12 feet in height, were designed using composite elements from various individuals who participated in an open call the artist held in Los Angeles. One of the highlights was a 12-foot sculpture depicting a West Hollywood Hauser & Wirth associate, captured in a pose that reflected her usual demeanor. To reduce the weight of the bronze sculptures, bubbles were incorporated into the torsos of these towering figures. Even so, the sculptures were still quite heavy and   needed strategic placement in the gallery to ensure they did not fall through the floor. Our guides also drew our attention to the hollowed-out eyes, suggesting it could be a nod to Price's background as an animator or perhaps a deliberate technique to render the figures more anonymous.

Among the remarkable pieces were the large busts crafted from pink marble, possessing a beautiful sheen with a subtle hint of pink. These busts showcased a fusion of traditional carving techniques and contemporary methods, raising thought-provoking questions about the definition of fine art in our modern era. Similar to the larger sculptures, the busts were also composites derived from multiple individuals, emphasizing the artist's exploration of collective identity.

Cameron and Henny encouraged the artists from Piece by Piece to actively engage with the art and pose any inquiries they had. They generously devoted their time to our group, ensuring that our visit was not only informative but also highly enjoyable for everyone involved.

It was an enjoyable and engaging day for all! 


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