Spring Additions

This Spring we celebrated Gratitude and the growth of our Piece by Piece family. We have a joyful group of beginning students that love learning all about mosaics, with some pre-pandemic members that just recently made their way back to us. A new group of talented certified artisans are expressing their uniqueness through mosaics.

This Spring also brought lots of new energy, growth, ideas and creativity to all of us that are lucky to have this rich mosaic community. To reflect this season, we launched a series of new pieces for the Piece Shop: ornaments, butterflies, and glass on glass hangings.

bee ornament

New and seasoned artisans had a lot of fun making ornaments that feature favorite Spring critters: bees, lady bugs, small butterflies, snails, a few flowers, and some mushrooms. Each artisan chose their favorite shape and added their own spin to it.

These unique pieces are meant to be for indoor use and add a nice touch to the house. Some of the staff like to add these small ornaments to the end of the string on their blinds, as it adds a cheerful element. 

mosaic butterfly

Our butterfly wall hangings are one of a kind and feature colorful fantasy wings that were the canvas of expression for our artisans. All materials used for these beautiful hangings are recycled and/or repurposed.  

Lastly, we have glass hangings that started as a class. This project opened the door to learning the skill of glass cutting as in making stained glass art. Many chose to create a flower as their first piece and then developed more intricate designs.

Mosaic Glass Flowers


We hope you enjoyed these special and seasonal pieces. Each time we launch a new series, it is an opportunity not only to share with our supporters the talents of the participant artists, but it also provides a way for them to further their skills and find new ways of expression. Now, on to Summer!

Mosaic Glass Lily

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