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LA2050: Mosaic Mecca: An Urban Mosaic Intervention on Skid Row

Winning Entries Announced Sept 30


To empower residents of underserved communities in Los Angeles through training workshops in mosaic technique that enable individuals living in poverty to develop marketable skills and self-confidence as well as a path to earned income




LA2050 Initiative Grants Challenge

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Piece by Piece has submitted it's "LA Mosaic Mecca Project" as part of the My LA 2050 Grants Challenge sponsored by Two organizations will be awarded $100,000 to realize their creative vision: one through public voting and another through a panel of judges. Piece by Piece could win $100,000 towards its cause--but we need your help!


Your support is vital to us, please support our program by going to above VOTE button and search "LA Mosaic Mecca" or Piece by Piece" --now through Sept 16.

Piece by Piece artists working on design template for Irvine Valley College mural "Entangled Bank."

Piece by Piece artists working on design template for Irvine Valley College mural "Entangled Bank."

Piece by Piece Artisans Prepare for Move to Star Building Downtown

Our artists have been busy preparing donated materials and organizing supplies for our impending move into a permanent space downtown.

Our new space is located on the bottom floor of Skid Row Housing Trust's newest supportive housing building, the Star Apartments, at the corner of 6th and Maple streets.This location will host workshops and projects as well as house our materials, supplies and artwork.

We've already started working in the Star art room and a storage area, planning our move. We are also working with the Star Residents on creating mosaic spheres for their rooftop garden, and holding beginning workshops.

top: Artists sorting donated glass at a storage room in the Star; 
bottom: Star Apartments building on 6th and Maple Street in downtown.

Piece by Piece on Etsy

We have been uploading images of our artists unique work into the online store Etsy. There are a variety of items, with more being added every week. Artwork ranges from small items such as frames and votives to larger mirrors. Please take a look by clicking here.