Engaging Arts Learning as the context for skills training & earned income brings to Skid Row an innovation tested by Piece by Piece in South LA  

Piece by Piece operates within two of the most impoverished neighborhoods of Los Angeles to provide opportunity among those most in need.

Participants learn mosaic technique to attain skills & wellness. To support achievement, art made by participants is exhibited and proceeds upon sale returned to the Artist.  

With advanced training and attainment of Artisan status, participants earn income for their work on Piece by Piece commissions for Quality Art Wares. Participants at every level serve on teams to complete Public Art Projects.  

Our Studio Prep Associate positions are filled by residents of Skid Row supportive housing.  Associates provide key support to workshops and to fulfilling orders for mosaic art while gaining valuable experience through transitional employment.

The Piece by Piece strategy creates an environment that fosters connection & quality of life, offers tiered advancement, and promotes achievement of each person to his or her highest potential.  While arts programming exists everywhere in Los Angeles, none is for the purpose of leveraging opportunity for the city's most vulnerable.


To empower residents of underserved communities in Los Angeles through training workshops in mosaic art that enable persons living in poverty to develop marketable skills, self-confidence and a path to earned income

Sponsor A Piece Cart to fund a Workshop serving 8 South LA or Skid Row Residents

The people that support us are very patient, understanding, capable, have great criteria, mastery, sensibiity and they really encourage us. They don’t discriminate and they treat everyone equally. Thank you for the opportunity of being with everyone at Piece by Piece, and to our founder Sophie Alpert.
— Jaime

Introducing The Piece Shop .com
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Piece by Piece on Etsy

We have been uploading images of our workshop participant's unique work into the online store Etsy. There are a variety of items, with more being added every week. Artwork ranges from tabletop & easel artS to larger mirrors. Please take a look by clicking here.