Our Recipe for Success

Piece by Piece workshops build community and a sense of belonging. Learners are inspired to set goals for themselves and are invested in the success of others. The resulting impact is improved connection, esteem and motivation lending to increased stability and quality of life. Our skills training series offers opportunities for advancement and earnings, promoting the achievement of each person to his or her highest potential.  Our unique program creates a culture of mutual support and high expectations for individual success. Participants train in the context of meaningful contribution to the learning community, with personal connection the key factor promoting achievement.

Welcome Piece by Piece's Newest Program Participants

  • “The pieces that everyone makes inspire me to keep coming back and learn more. It's so incredible what all the artists here create!”

  • “I really enjoy the variety of materials and learning new techniques. It's fun to create new pieces using those techniques”

  • “"I love the challange of a different art form! I've not tried mosaic before and it's so fun to learn."”

  • “I learn so much from everyone here! The participants and instructors both have so much knowledge”

  • “I found out about Piece by Piece from my friend Kim (fellow participant artist). I didn't know I could do something like this. I've surprised myself. I like the artform and enjoy the colors and working with the details.”

  • “I came one day just to see what mosaic art was all about and now I'm here every week!”


Workshop Offerings

Piece by Piece workshops nurture connection and creativity, bringing improved wellness to the lives of individuals facing complex issues that have made them vulnerable to homelessness and/or economic insecurity. Our community fosters hope and in so doing reduces barriers to success often faced by those who have lacked opportunity. Piece by Piece offers a way to develop individual talents and empowers our participants to reach their full potential. Our classes are open and affirming and a welcoming place for all.

  • Schedule

    Online classes are currently offered Tuesdays. In-person classes are offered Wednesday. All of our classes are at no cost and materials are supplied. For more information please contact jadie@piecebypiece.org.

    Beginning June 30, 2022 we require online verified proof of COVID-19 vaccine. Please visit My Vaccine Record to get your digital verification. We can assist.

    Open Studio: Monday 1:00 – 3:30 pm
    Online Class: Tuesday 11:00 am – 12:00 pm
    Beginning Mosaics In-person:
    Wednesday 10:00 am – 12:00 pm
    Directed Studies In-person: Wednesday 1:00 – 3:30

  • Themes

    Classes have monthly themes that guide our workshops and broaden our larger vision of art. Each month, we take a look at all aspects of a subject and piece together ways to interpret our discoveries into mosaic.

    Our themes this year are:
    - Landscapes in Clay
    February - Journeys in Andamento
    March - Glass on Glass 3D and Glass Cutting
    April - Recycled Materials
    May - Art History/Inspiration
    June - Installation Techniques
    July - Color Theory & Gradation/Grout
    August - No class
    September - Collaborative Work (teams)
    October - Garden Spheres
    November - Mixed Media/Pique Assiette
    December - The Art of Gratitude (micromosaic)

    Read about past classes here.

Beginning Workshop

Online Class: Tuesday 11:00 am – 12:00 pm
Beginning Mosaics In-person:
Wednesday 10:00 am – 12:00 pm

Many of our participants start their mosaic journey in the Beginning Mosaic workshops. Through a series of thoughtfully planned sessions, new artists learn technical skills and expand their creative voices. From basic cutting to the process of design, from skill building to arts wellness, participants thrive in this supportive environment.

Piece by Piece artists at a mosaic workshop
Piece by Piece artists at a mosaic workshop

Directed Studies / Advanced Classes

Directed Studies In-person: Wednesday 1:00 – 3:30 pm

These workshops are designed to focus on specific mosaic skills such as cutting techniques, andamento, color theory, and design. A variety of visiting artists share their unique talents with our participants in these sessions. Individuals create their own projects as guided by the instructor, based on specific themes and topics. Directed Studies workshops also help to guide participants who want to complete our Certificate Program. These classes focus on skills and artistic concept-driven presentations. 

Projects are individual, with focus on developing  design and technical skills. Presentations and slide shows inspire new ideas and foster creativity in these engaging classes.

Open Studio

Open Studio: Monday 1:00 – 3:30 pm

Open Studio Sessions are designed to have a welcoming and supportive environment where participants of all skill levels can come to work on their individual projects, confer with instructors, and contribute to the strong sense of community often found in Piece by Piece workshops.

Offered on Mondays for enrolled Artists. 

Supportive environment for all levels of artists to create individual projects; seek advice from instructors and other artists

Participate in group projecs led by an instructor. 

Foster community and self-confidence

Lunch provided


Individuals are welcome to participate in any of our free workshops for art wellness. They can also work toward completing our optional Certificate program, which guides participants through mastering a series of mosaic skills and techniques. This helps our artists challenge themselves, set goals and earn much-needed supplemental income. Each person works at their own pace to complete up to four different levels.

Visiting Artists

The NEA award supports our Directed Studies series that brings artists together with residents of Skid Row and South Los Angeles. Visiting artists lead workshops that provide hands-on instruction in advanced mosaic art techniques.

This part of our program is also an opportunity for our artists to see different styles and persepectives from artists within the US and Internationally.

Community Art

Creating community and connection is at the heart of our program. We have a series of community workshops that encourage team work and collaboration. Led by a professional artist instructor, these projects also hone skills and build confidence in those new to mosaic and art.

Apply to be a Piece by Piece Artist

Piece by Piece classes, trainings and social enterprise program are based on South Los Angeles and are free for individuals who are interested in learning mosaics and  who have faced economic insecurity and/or have experienced homelessness. 

When you apply to  Piece by Piece you will be joining a community of artists who have come together to learn, grow, heal and challenge stereotypes about what it means have faced economic discrimination, and  other hardships. 

At Piece by Piece we know it can be overwhelming to start a new journey, and we welcome new artists to come and explore the therapeutic power of art.  We ask only for very basic information, will respect your privacy and look forward to welcoming you to this artist focused community.