New Year, New Updates!

With the new year, Piece by Piece has a few new announcements to make!

First off, we have added a new member to our team! Alex has been a part of Piece by Piece for almost his entire life (some say he bares a striking resemblance to our Artistic Director, Dawn Mendelson), but now he’s excited to take on an official role as our Program Assistant. Alex is lending a hand at Piece by Piece while he prepares for his next academic endeavor.

Alex’s impact has already been felt as he has assisted with reorganizing all of our mosaic materials so there is more storage for donated goods that Piece by Piece artisans will turn into beautiful mosaic pieces. You will also see him in our workshops, assisting our talented instructors while they teach the growing community of participant artists. 

Outside of Piece by Piece, Alex is looking to further his own education soon with a Masters of Evolutionary Biology at Cal State Northridge. Currently, he is still working with his professors from Cal State Long Beach studying marine invertebrates, and spends what hours he has left as a wetland ecologist. Stop by sometime and welcome Alex to the team. 

Piece by Piece also celebrates the first new certified artisan of the year! Hector is the first artist in 2023 to finish the certificate program and his own creations will be available on the website soon. We are all very proud of him and are so excited to see what he continues to create. Be sure to check out our interview with him here

Finally, Piece by Piece’s Artistic Director Dawn has released the themes for all of the 2023 workshops. Every month has it’s own theme for participants to learn about, and broaden their vision of art. A list of Piece by Piece’s workshop monthly themes and more information on the different workshops that are held can be found with this link

All of us hope you’re as excited for the new year as we are! We look forward to seeing you at some of our many events this year!


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