Piece by Piece Artists Study Tool Use and Techniques in November

Instructor Ellen Dinerman led workshops in November focusing on tool use. Participants learned the value of knowing the right tool for the job, be it glass cutting, ceramic nipping, or even clay sculpting. They created unique pieces this month using a variety of tools and techniques, including making focal points in clay and then combining both ceramic and glass pieces into their artwork.

The workshop became a very collaborative process. Working together, those artists more experienced in one style could support and mentor other artists who might have been new to certain tools. Cutting glass, for example, is a new experience for some of the newer participants. Ellen led demonstrations on using certain tools, sharing her own experience and techniques.

Learning how to use a variety of tools opens up new opportunities for artists to develop new skills. “It gives you more experience,” says artist John. “Then you know how to do more and be more creative.” Artist Margarita agrees: “You get a different feel with your hands using each different tool. And when you see the pieces come to life, it’s like, Wow!”

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