Margarita M.

Mosaic Artist

Where are you from? Where do you live now?
Hollywood, CA presently live in Huntington Park, CA.

Tell us about your family.
I am a single Mom of 4 adult children. My first grandchild was born in January 2023.

Tell us about past work/school or other meaningful experiences.
I worked as a Nurse from 1981 to 2015. I also studied Professional Baking.

What is something you are proud of?
Buying my own home. It has had its difficulties, and it needs work, but at the end of the day I am growing family wealth by owning property in Bellflower, CA where 2 of my sons live.

When did you first come to Piece by Piece?

How have you grown as a person and artist since joining Piece by Piece?
Came to Piece by Piece as a way of finding an enjoyable hobby, to help me with chronic depression.

How did you first hear about Piece by Piece?
Looking for free art classes on the internet.

What has Piece by Piece and creating mosaics added to your life?
A reason for getting up in the mornings. I really enjoy working with like people and using glass as an art medium.

Who inspires you?
Piece by Piece Instructor Bea.

What are you most proud of from your Piece by Piece time so far?
Learning to work through the process even if not enjoyable.

What keeps you coming back to Piece by Piece?
The people and connections.

Large-Scale Projects

Margarita M. has been involved in the following projects with Piece by Piece