Skid Row Arts Alliance: Empowering Artists in the Community

Piece by Piece takes immense pride in its membership within the Skid Row Arts Alliance (SRAA). Established in 2019, this collaborative consortium emerged as a natural network of arts organizations committed to delivering free, accessible programming within the Skid Row Community. Comprising four key organizations—the Los Angeles Poverty Department, Piece by Piece, Street Symphony, and Urban Voices Project—SRAA unites their distinct strategies, experiences, and collaborative initiatives to uplift artists within and around Skid Row.

A Community United: Weekly Meetings and Collaborations
Weekly community meetings lie at the heart of SRAA's endeavor, inviting anyone from the Skid Row community, neighboring arts organizations, and individuals with ties to the area to contribute to discussions on programming and local concerns. These gatherings foster unity and address gaps in connectivity, strengthening the community's bonds.

Initiatives That Unite: Arts Zine and Collaborative Events
SRAA has embarked on a range of projects to bridge gaps and foster unity. The Arts Zine, a recurring publication, showcases interviews, activities, and articles about local artists and programs. Serving as a source of pride for both contributors and readers, the Zine has become a significant success.

The consortium also orchestrates collaborative events that bring together various arts groups under one roof, fostering engagement and community connection. From spontaneous busk fests to well-structured fairs, these activities ensure that every artist finds a space to belong.

Skid Row Arts Alliance Zine featuring Piece by Piece mosaic artist Vickie

Support in Challenging Times: Navigating the Pandemic
The onset of the pandemic in early 2020 posed challenges, but SRAA responded resolutely. To maintain ties with artists, the alliance assembled arts kits containing personal protective equipment (PPE) and art supplies, distributing them across Skid Row through a dedicated network of volunteers. Recognizing the digital divide, SRAA also provided WiFi hotspots and tech access to artists with limited virtual programming opportunities.

Artistic Empowerment: A Source of Unity and Growth
Piece by Piece artists have actively engaged in SRAA's activities and contributed to the Arts Zine. This collaboration expands the spectrum of community experiences, offering diverse opportunities for individuals to connect, share, and grow.

SRAA Collaborative event during holidays with Piece by Piece

Collective Advocacy: A Voice for Underserved Angelenos
Beyond its program offerings, SRAA serves as a platform for constituent nonprofit organizations to come together, exchange best practices, and advocate collectively for the well-being of the most underserved individuals in Los Angeles. Collaborating closely with service providers, SRAA ensures that participants in missions, clinics, shelters, and reentry programs are aware of the free, accessible arts programs available within Skid Row through their efforts.

In the tapestry of Skid Row's artistic landscape, the Skid Row Arts Alliance stands as a testament to the strength of community, connection, and creativity. Through unity, empowerment, and a shared passion for art, this consortium brings forth a brighter and more inclusive future for all.

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