Piece by Piece Artists

The Piece by Piece Artists below have progressed through the Piece by Piece class offerings and certificate program demonstrating their perseverance and skill.  They are now engaged with the Piece by Piece social enterprise. Artists have the opportunity to create and produce both personal and commercial work.  Some artists in the program chose not to sell their work publicly, it is their choice. For those that do wish to sell their work, their profiles are presented below.

Learn more about our programs and how to become a Piece by Piece Artist here.

Artist Alumni

We appreciate all our artists, present and past. A huge thank you to those that have been a part of our programs, they will always be a part of the Piece by Piece family!  Even when an artist has moved onto the next phase of their lives we still offer their work for sale, allowing them to continue to earn supplementary income. 

This is a partial list. Please come back for updates.

  • Carola F.

  • Guadalupe G.

  • Alicia G.

  • Abraham R.

  • Blanca R.

  • Frank U.

  • Jaime M