Volunteer Spotlight: Ally Rose

We are delighted to shine a spotlight on Ally, a fantastic addition to our volunteer team at Piece by Piece. Over the past several months, Ally has been dedicating her time and efforts to help keep the studio running smoothly.  She brings a unique perspective to the studio, infusing her work with passion and creativity. Let's take a closer look at Ally's experiences and insights during her time with us.

When asked about her favorite activities while volunteering at Piece by Piece, Ally enthusiastically shared her joy in handling the finished artwork created by the talented artists at the studio. She finds herself captivated by the varying sizes and intricacies of the pieces, often taking a moment to admire their beauty. Being an artist herself, Ally finds the whole experience truly inspiring. Another aspect she cherishes is engaging with the artists themselves. The warm and friendly atmosphere at the studio makes her feel like she's among a close-knit group of friends, despite her initial shyness.

So, what does a typical day of volunteering look like for Ally? She arrives in the morning, just as the studio starts to come to life. After signing in, Ally heads to the office for a briefing on the day's agenda and the tasks she can assist with. Throughout the morning, artists arrive, and Ally occasionally greets them at the door, an act that always boosts her spirits. In the beginning, Ally had the opportunity to try out various tasks to determine where her strengths lie. She thoroughly enjoys organizing the artwork in the storage room, considering it akin to an exciting treasure hunt due to the constant movement of the artwork between rooms.

Ally & her Mom volunteering on a recent FridayAlly & her Mom volunteering on a recent Friday. 

Reflecting on her time at Piece by Piece, Ally expressed her admiration for the art of mosaic-making. She was surprised to learn how much skill and talent go into creating these magnificent pieces. Having studied digital art at Otis, Ally gained a new appreciation for physical art forms and recognized the universal foundations shared across all art forms, from color theory to style and movement. She learned that regardless of the medium, art requires dedication and continuous learning.

When asked what she'd like people to know about Piece by Piece, Ally's response was heartfelt. She urged others to realize that Piece by Piece exists and is engaged in incredible work that may be difficult to comprehend until one witnesses it firsthand. It's not only about the art but also the profound impact it has on the artists themselves. Ally has observed artists coming into the studio, and she can see their spirits brighten up. The hard work at Piece by Piece is infused with camaraderie, as volunteers and full-time staff are genuinely dedicated to the participant artists and the mission. Ally felt welcomed by everyone from her very first day, and especially wants to acknowledge Josh and Jadie for all they did to make her feel welcome.

In closing, we extend our sincere gratitude to Ally for her invaluable contributions to Piece by Piece. Her time and talents have made a significant difference in our mission to empower artists and foster an inspiring creative community. If Ally's experiences have piqued your interest in volunteering at Piece by Piece, we invite you to learn more about how you can get involved on our website, or feel free to reach out to us at Info@piecebypiece.org.

Together, we can continue to build a supportive and thriving artistic haven for all.

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