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Today, we had the pleasure of catching up with a few of the talented artists during the Open Studio. These sessions allow participants to continue to work on projects they've started in classes or art they’ve started at home. During open studio, they receive valuable guidance from experienced instructors who are there to offer their support and expertise. Join us as we take a closer look at the incredible mosaic art our artists are crafting.

June is in the midst of a captivating landscape project. "The deer was very complicated. I tried to capture the texture of its fur, and I think I did that well! Now I have to get the other difficult part with the leaves in the trees. I just love nature and these pieces calm me," June shared. June is well-known for her exquisite landscape pieces and stunning portraits, and we eagerly anticipate the final outcome of her current project.

Artist June

Hector, known for his skillful use of color and shapes in mosaic art, is currently working on a charming sun mosaic. His small mosaic pieces convey a wide range of emotions and themes through vibrant color palettes, particularly the use of vibrant yellows and oranges. Hector's meticulous arrangement of various shapes, from tiny tesserae to larger elements, creates a mesmerizing world of mosaic art, inviting viewers into a world of complexity and creativity. 

Artist Hector

While not all of the artists are fans of working with glass on glass, Claressa stands out as a passionate advocate of this technique. She eagerly embraced a piece that another artist had started but left unfinished. "I don't know why I love it, it's just my favorite technique! Call me strange, I guess," Claressa laughed when asked about her affinity for this unique form. Claressa, along with all of us at Piece by Piece, appreciates how these creations come to life when displayed in a window or wherever light can pass through them.

Artist Claressa

Artist John is meticulously putting the finishing touches on his masterpiece. From conceptualization and sketching to precision cutting and placement of glass pieces, the final step is the grouting. “I'm sponging off the excess to clean off the glass pieces to really make them shine," John shared when asked about what it took to finalize a piece. Keep an eye out for this piece and more of John's exceptional work on his dedicated page, where his art continues to inspire and captivate.

Artist John

All of us at Piece by Piece are proud of the work June, Hector, Claressa, and John are doing to bring their unique visions to life. Each artist in the Piece by Piece family contributes to the rich tapestry of creativity at Piece by Piece. If you have a few minutes, please take a look at the artists’ works for sale on the Piece by Piece website.

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