A Few of our Favorite Things

We are excited to share with you "A Few of Our Favorite Things," a thoughtfully curated collection by the Piece by Piece artists. This collection is handpicked by the talented artists and staff at Piece by Piece. These pieces show the variety of styles and incredible works by the talented artisans here at Piece by Piece.

John V admires the realistic the leaves and pedals in the piece Sunflowers by Vicki M. He says, “It’s hard to make mosaics look real in 3D or in pieces that aren’t perfectly flat and this one piece captures reality so well. In fact, the way the pieces pop out a bit helps it look like actual leaves!”. When asked about her creative process, Vicki shared that she had fun with the challenge of creating a sense of reality and felt “as if I was in the garden” when she completed it.

Hugo selected Stacked Cups by Norma C for the dynamic color usage. “The colors in it really pop but still show each individual cup as a separate piece. I like how the cups fit together well, but you can still see where each one starts and the next begins.” 

One of the group projects, Catitude, was chosen by a number of artists as one of their favorites in the Piece by Piece gallery. When asked what he enjoyed about it, Victor J shared, “I got to watch people make this piece. I only worked on it a little myself, but it was interesting to watch the little pieces people made go together to create this larger piece. Different people made hands, hearts, and other symbols. We do that all the time, but when it’s all put together like this, it’s different and fun.”

Happy Moon
by Ricardo S is another favorite of multiple artists. Many said how much they liked how every detail was considered when making it, especially the flow of light to dark in the background and the different textures used to add some depth to the face of the moon.  Most everyone stated they were reminded of their childhood books and bedtime stories by the piece. 

Margarita M, who typically enjoys more concrete and realistic pieces, chose Circle of Energy by Kim M. “I don’t usually like abstract works, but this piece just speaks to me. It looks like a record and the colors are so fun! I wonder what kind of music it would make if it were played.” 

These handpicked artworks go beyond decoration; they highlight the bonds formed within our artistic family. The "A Few of Our Favorite Things" collection celebrates the Piece by Piece community and showcases the beauty of individual expression and the collective spirit that defines Piece by Piece.

Please take a few minutes, maybe grab a cup of coffee, and enjoy the selected m in "A Few of Our Favorite Things." Visit the collection page to view these beautiful pieces created by extraordinary artists. Each piece tells a unique story of creativity, resilience, and the vibrant community flourishing at Piece by Piece.

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