Certification Program

Artists who have taken beginning and advanced Piece by Piece classes and who have a recommendation form their instructor are eligible to move into the certification program. They will progress through the four levels of certification at their own pace, according to skill and time.

Artist Levels

  • Piece by Piece artist and instructor at a mosaic workshop

    Participants master core mosaic concepts: Safety Procedures, Basic Techniques, Color Theory, Cutting and Andamento, and Finishing Techniques. Level I Artisans are eligible to sell their work in the retail gallery. 

  • Piece by Piece artists at a mosaic workshop

    Participants complete three Directed Studies workshops in advanced mosaic techniques, taught by professional Visiting Artists. Level II Artisans are eligible to participate in Artisan Studio and complete small commissioned projects.

  • Participants complete two additional Directed Studies workshops and an advanced class in design. Level III Artisans are eligible to participate in large, team-based commissioned and public art projects, for which they receive hourly wages.

  • Participants learn art installation techniques, serve as teaching assistants, and work with staff to develop artist statements, resumes, and portfolios. Level IV Artisans receive a dedicated exhibition promoting their work.

Piece by Piece artist John at a mosaic workshop

At completion of the program artists will...

Demonstrate improved Safety Procedures, Core mosaic knowledge, Color theory, Cutting and Andamento, Grout and Finishing 

Have had exposure to new techniques and tools 

Experience working on large commissions and community projects

Learn installation techniques

Experience improved self-esteem

Demonstrate an improved sense of wellness and quality of life

Be eligible to work with the social enterprise

Piece by Piece Programs

Many of our participants start their mosaic journey in the Beginning Mosaic workshops. Through a series of thoughtfully planned sessions, new artists learn technical skills and expand their creative voices. Piece by Piece workshops nurture connection and creativity, bringing improved wellness to the lives of individuals facing complex issues that have made them vulnerable to homelessness and/or economic insecurity. Our community fosters hope and in so doing reduces barriers to success often faced by those who have lacked opportunity. Piece by Piece offers a way to develop individual talents and empowers our participants to reach their full potential. Our classes are open and affirming and a welcoming place for all.