Piece by Piece Stories

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  • Abraham & Sophie

    Abraham & Sophie

    In 2007 Sophie Alpert had an epiphany. On a trip to South Africa, she observed micro-enterprise agencies helping women build economic opportunity. Using the model of empowering individuals to express their creativity to earn income, she was inspired to found...

  • October Sculpture Mosaic Workshop

    October Sculpture Mosaic Workshop

    At the end of every year, all participants, staff, instructors, and volunteers gather to envision the new year, choosing the skills artists want to hone and projects they want to create. Mosaic shoes was one of the most requested workshops.
  • Piece by Piece - A Mosaic of Support

    Piece by Piece - A Mosaic of Support

    In the heart of Los Angeles, within the vibrant tapestry of the community, there exists a sanctuary where art and support intertwine to create something magical. Piece by Piece is not just an art program; it's a refuge, a school of life, and a beacon of hope for those who have faced the shadows of hardship.
  • In the Studio

    In the Studio

    All of us at Piece by Piece are proud of the work of June, Hector, Claressa, and John are doing to bring their unique visions to life. Each artist in the Piece by Piece family contributes to the rich tapestry of creativity at Piece by Piece. We will feature other artists in future posts. 
  • Introducing Andrea: Newly Certified Artist

    Introducing Andrea: Newly Certified Artist

    Andrea's journey with Piece by Piece commenced as she stumbled upon Mercado la Paloma, a place that had long piqued her curiosity and interest. With ample time on her hands following the pandemic, Andrea found herself yearning for a purpose,...

  • Meet Piece by Piece volunteer Patricia Bobik Sezna

    Meet Piece by Piece volunteer Patricia Bobik Sezna

    I truly cherish this amazing opportunity to gain skills and experience in mosaic arts— a medium I’ve always admired but never previously explored. I’m using my background in graphic arts to help support and encourage others while challenging my own creativity in new and exciting ways.