Circle of Energy

Circle of Energy

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Vibrant color study using recycled stained glass

Dimensions: 12" x 12" x 1.5"

Intended for Indoor Use

Kim M.

About the Artist

Kim is an artist from Wisconsin, currently living in Downtown LA. She loves creating art around animals and the ocean.

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Repair Policy

Mosaic is a strong medium and we use a variety of new and recycled pieces to create our works of art. Our artists are trained in using the most professional techniques to ensure quality work. However, in rare occasions, there may be need for a repair. Piece by Piece offers repairs due to material defects on purchased items at no cost for two years from date of sale. For items that have been broken, left outside, or in need of other repairs, we will assess the extent of damage and, if repairs are possible, provide a quote to restore your item. Please contact  if you have any questions.