• Frida Inspired Day of the Dead
  • Frida Inspired Day of the Dead

Frida Inspired Day of the Dead

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I saw her painting “Without Hope” and thought “Oh I bet I can do that in mosaic”. I wanted to focus on just a part of it, the little skull and pieces spewing out of her mouth. The hardest part was the little beads and tiny pieces for the mouth and eyes." -Artist James

Dimensions: 6.75" x 6"

This piece was created with recycled materials by a Los Angeles-based, certified mosaic artist. Purchasing this item supports Piece by Piece artists as they earn an income and transform their lives through their art.

Intended for Indoor Use

James G.

About the Artist

James is an artist from MA, raised in Wisconsin, and Living in Westlake, Los Angeles. He is a veteran and served in 19 years in the Army and National Guard. His work is meticulous, a combination of spontaneous but also thoughtful. He likes geometry, structure, bright colors, and happy and humorous themes. He enjoys helping with large-scale projects, as well as the community of being around creative people, and learning about art.

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Repair Policy

Mosaic is a strong medium and we use a variety of new and recycled pieces to create our works of art. Our artists are trained in using the most professional techniques to ensure quality work. However, in rare occasions, there may be need for a repair. Piece by Piece offers repairs due to material defects on purchased items at no cost for two years from date of sale. For items that have been broken, left outside, or in need of other repairs, we will assess the extent of damage and, if repairs are possible, provide a quote to restore your item. Please contact info@piecebypiece.org  if you have any questions.