Portrait of John Lewis

Portrait of John Lewis

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This item has been selected to be in Laura Lechtinger’s "Moment to Moment" show at Loiter Gallery. It is currently available for purchase through the gallery using the Venmo link below. All items will be available for pick-up at the gallery at the close of the show. If you are interested in having the item shipped we are happy to do so, but please reach out to us in advance so we may calculate the appropriate taxes and shipping costs to add to the sale of the item.

Another inspired portrait by artist June, who captured the strength of American Civil Rights Activist and politician John Lewis.

Intended for Indoor Use 

June C.

About the Artist

June has an effervescent spirit. Her work has a lot of soul. Her approach is full of kindness and naiveness but also strength. She loves to make mosaics about nature but also she’s been working on portraits of famous people she admires, She had grown a lot and is not afraid of challenges. She is into social justice, equality, women’s rights, jazz, and color.

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