• Make It Personal

    Commission a recognition award for
    your corporate gala or to honor
    someone special.

  • Large-Scale Projects

    Our artisans are empowered by being able to guide the public in creating mosaics in their community.

  • Shop for A New Cycle of Life

    One of the best ways to support our artists is by purchasing individual artwork or ordering a custom commission.

  • Mosaic Arts Programs

    While arts programing exists everywhere in Los Angeles, Piece by Piece is unique in offering classes and opportunities for adults who would not otherwise have access and exposure to the arts.

Our mission is to empower residents who have experienced homelessness or economic insecurity by providing free mosaic art workshops enabling them to build confidence, earn supplementary income, promote wellness and an improved quality of life.

Valentine's Day Collection

Spread love and give back!
  • 2.5" Surprise Me Heart Magnet
    2.5" Surprise Me Heart Magnet

    2.5" Surprise Me Heart Magnet

    Regular price $15.25
  • Love Love Love
    Love Love Love

    Love Love Love

    Regular price $125.25
  • Checkered Love
    Checkered Love

    Checkered Love

    Regular price $100.25
  • Love in Emerald
    Love in Emerald

    Love in Emerald

    Regular price $30.25
  • Love is Gold
    Love is Gold

    Love is Gold

    Regular price $125.00
  • Flowers of the Heart
    Flowers of the Heart

    Flowers of the Heart

    Regular price $250.00
  • Infinite Love
    Infinite Love

    Infinite Love

    Regular price $175.25
  • Lovebirds


    Regular price $160.25
  • Love, Love
    Love, Love

    Love, Love

    Regular price $80.25

Featured Artists

  • Piece by Piece artist Vicki
    Piece by Piece artist Vicki

    Vicki M.

    Vicki is inspired by devoted artists, recovering homeless people, and struggling low-income people, because they help her to see the better reality that we can create together as a community.

    ➤ View artist portfolio

  • Victor J.

    Victor is an artist from Oaxaca, Mexico currently living in Los Angeles. Inspired by his hometown, he has a colorful approach to his designs/work. Victor's style is geometric and abstract with pattern and use of bold colors.

    ➤ View artist portfolio

  • Kim M.

    Kim is an artist from Wisconsin, currently living in Downtown LA. She loves creating art around animals and the ocean.

    ➤ View artist portfolio

In the Community

  • Immersive Van Gogh

    Piece by Piece mosaics are available to purchase at the Immersive Van Gogh gift shop. Please visit their website for more information, tickets, and directions.

    Lighthouse Immersive Los Angeles
    6400 Sunset Blvd
    Los Angeles, CA 90028

  • Maker Faire

    The Los Angeles Maker Faire is a family-friendly event that brings together science, technology, engineering, the arts, and mathematics (S.T.E.A.M.) along with craft, homesteading, music, workshops, and performances. Come and be a part of our community project.

    April from 12pm - 8pm
    Los Angeles State Historic Park

  • Hauser & Wirth

    Gallery Hours:
    Tuesday – Sunday | 11 am – 6 pm

    Shope Piece by Piece at Hauser & Wirth. Please visit the Hauser & Wirth Website for more information

    901 E 3rd St.
    Los Angeles, CA 90013