2023 Program Highlights

Piece by Piece workshops build community and a sense of belonging. Learners are inspired to set goals for themselves and are invested in the success of others. The resulting impact is improved connection, self-esteem, and motivation lending to increased stability and a better quality of life.


Class Themes

Classes have monthly themes that guide our workshops and broaden our larger vision of art. Each month, we take a look at all aspects of a subject and piece together ways to interpret our discoveries into mosaic.

Our themes for 2023 were:
January – Natural Materials
February – Andamento: the flow of a mosaic
March – All About Glass
April – Recycled Materials / Pique Assiette
May – Color Theory
June – Micro Mosaic
July – Portraiture
August – No class
September – Cultural Symbolism
October – Sculpture / 3D
November – Tools of the Trade
December – Working with Smalti


How It All Comes Together

Many of our participants start their mosaic journey in our free workshops, then move into the Certification Program. As they progress through four levels, they qualify to earn income as artists in the social enterprise. Artists are encouraged to create their own work as well as participate in the creation of retail items, custom awards and commissions, and large scale community projects. Recycled and donated materials are used in the creation of our work, saving 100s of pounds of materials from landfills. 


Open Studios 

In 2023, Piece by Piece offered an unprecedented 75 open studio sessions, providing participant artists with essential time and space to pursue projects from classes as well as their own designs. These sessions foster creativity and provide a space for artists to immerse themselves in their work. They are supported by a community of peers and instructors ready to offer advice and encouragement. These open studios highlight our commitment to the transformative power of art, offering not just a workspace but an opportunity for artists to explore their potential, learn, and grow within a vibrant, supportive community.


Creative Force Classes for Veterans

Thanks to generous funding from Creative Forces®: NEA Military Healing Arts Network — an initiative of the National Endowment for the Arts in partnership with the U.S. Departments of Defense and Veterans Affairs — Piece by Piece launched new, free classes specifically for veterans. This initiative is aimed at enhancing the health, well-being, and quality of life for veterans, their families, and caregivers.


Financial Workshops

Bank of America is providing onsite financial workshops exclusively for our talented participant artists. This collaboration is designed to empower our artists with the essential financial knowledge they need to thrive, covering crucial topics such as the basics of financial management, credit management, savings strategies, and so much more. At Piece by Piece, we believe in supporting our artists not just in their creative endeavors but in all aspects of their lives. This partnership with Bank of America is a commitment to their overall well-being and success. Through these workshops, our artists will gain valuable tools and insights to navigate the financial landscape with confidence, enabling them to make informed decisions that will benefit their personal and professional lives.



In 2023, Piece by Piece proudly launched a new mentorship program, designed to deepen the support and guidance we offer to our community of artists. This program pairs experienced artists and instructors with newer artists, creating a nurturing environment where knowledge, skills, and experiences are shared. Participants in the program have the flexibility to choose a mentor based on their specific needs—whether that's mastering a particular mosaic technique, enhancing general artistic skills, navigating work in the social enterprise, or even addressing personal challenges. It's about creating a space where artists feel empowered to explore their creativity, overcome obstacles, and achieve their full potential, both within the studio and beyond.