Reflecting on the past year, I am filled with immense gratitude and pride. Our 2023 Annual Report is more than a summary of our activities; it's a celebration of growth, creativity, and the profound impact we've made in the community.

At the heart of Piece by Piece is a vibrant community of artists, supporters, and believers in the transformative power of art. This year, our commitment to empowering individuals through art has been stronger than ever. We offered over 150 mosaic classes this year, bringing in an influx of new artists that resulted in a 50% increase in participation in addition to infusing our programs with fresh perspectives and energy.

We've broadened our horizons by introducing monthly creativity classes in various mediums and launching soft skills sessions. These initiatives are crucial for personal and professional development, helping our artists bridge gaps in skills and knowledge. We've tackled food insecurity by serving 2,041 meals to our participants in order to nourish their bodies and fuel their artistic expression.

Our participant artists have been nothing short of extraordinary. Twelve artists achieved certification, and together, they completed 38 commissions. In total, our artists created 1,193 mosaics, earning over $160,000 and repurposing over 700 lbs of materials into stunning art pieces.

We're immensely grateful for the support from the Picerne Foundation grant, which enabled us to welcome instructor Wendy, a fantastic addition to our team. The Perenchio Foundation Capital Grant allowed us, for the first time in our 17 year history, to upgrade our equipment and create a professional studio setting for the social enterprise. Our participation in the REDF Accelerator program and the Skid Row Arts Alliance were significant milestones, offering us invaluable insights and growth opportunities. I am grateful to all of our funders and supporters.

Our Creative Forces grant and project with LA Metro allowed us to work closely with veterans, a project that holds a special place in our hearts. Our collaboration with the Downtown Women’s Center on candles was a glowing success, and we're equally proud of our partnerships with Procure Impact, Bank of America, UCLA Anderson, and USC Impact.

The role of our volunteers in the Piece by Piece family cannot be overstated. We welcomed new board members Donna, Virginia, and Mercedes. We are grateful to Patricia, Chris, Shelia, and Ally for their invaluable contributions. Their involvement has been instrumental in our success. The staff at Piece by Piece are the unsung heroes, a gift to our participants and to all of us.

The achievements of this year, including enhanced systems and infrastructure, lay a strong foundation for even more impactful work ahead. We remain committed to our mission of transforming lives through the art of mosaics, one piece at a time.

Thank you to each and every one of you who has been a part of this incredible and inspiring journey.

With heartfelt thanks,

Sophie Alpert
Founder and Board Chair

Year In Review


participant earned income

Piece by Piece generates revenue to support our artists and nonprofit through the creation of mosaic artwork. We create small-scale housewares and art as well as large scale art commissions.


Angelenos connected with 28 outreach events

Connecting with and engaging with the Los Angeles community to promote awareness, education, and share the therapeutic craft of mosaics.


mosaics created and sold by artists

The Piece by Piece Social Enterprise’s objectives are to provide a supportive community and a path towards self-sufficiency, self-love, and economic stability.


meals served

We ensure every participant receives a healthy meal each day they attend classes or contribute to the social enterprise.


hours volunteered

Volunteers provide invaluable support to our programs.


free classes

Many of our participants start their mosaic journey in our free workshops, then move into the Certification Program. As they progress through four levels, they qualify to earn income as artists in the social enterprise.

Artists Earning Certification in 2023

We envision a world where art is recognized as transformative and healing for everyone and where arts education is available to all. We see these essential ideals supporting meaningful individual creativity, which in turn enriches our collective society.

Looking Ahead

Scaling our social enterprise

We are looking to increase the number of artists paid by the social enterprise by 25%. In order to do this we must increase the number of commissions we have each year that will require us to focus on outreach to potential clients and enhance customer supports.

Increasing program capacity and resources

Creating more opportunities for healing through art is a key goal for Piece by Piece. In 2024, we have a goal to increase class attendance by 25% and add the needed wraparound services to support all participants.

Expanding our board

In 2023 we began the process of expanding the Piece by Piece board of directors and advisory board. In 2024, we are actively working to further expand both bodies to bring new energy, ideas and expertise to the program and social enterprise.


Board of Directors

Sophie Alpert, Board Chair
Alan Alpert, Treasurer
Derek Alpert, Secretary
Wendy Colman Levin
Virginia Tanawong*
Donna Mastropasqua*

Advisory Board

June Cigar
Jose Morales
Luz Mack
Bea Jones
Mercedes Barajas-Tondre*

Administrative Staff

Maggie Bohlman, Executive Director
Dawn Mendelson, Artistic & Program Director
Jadie Delgado, Social Enterprise and Operations Manager
Josh Provost, Operations Manager


Ally Rose*
Patricia Bibik Sezna*
Christine Metro
Shelia Nash

Artistic Team

Luz Mack, Commissions Manager and Lead Instructor
Dawn Mendelson, Artistic & Program Director
Bea Jones
Ellen Dinerman
Betty Rosen
Jose Morales
Wendy Viscarra*

Visiting Artists

Carol Shelkin
Hannah Maximova
Julie Williams