Villas at Gower

  • Villas at Gower is permanent supportive housing for homeless, at-risk of homelessness, or families dealing with mental illness, and was the location of Piece by Piece’s first large scale commission.

    Throughout the process, Piece by Piece worked closely with the construction crew, architects, fabrication artists, and those who would be involved in the final installation of the artwork. The building, Villas at Gower, would be new permanent supportive housing for homeless, at-risk of homelessness or families dealing with mental illness.

    Instructor artists Luz Mack Durini and Dawn Mendelson collaborated on the original design concept. Instructor Leigh Adams added her experience in the garden as artist in residence at the L.A. Arboretum. Bea Jones was a steady force, working on every aspect of the project. We also had several visiting artist guide the team including Matt Doolin and Sherri Warner Hunter. But it was the Piece by Piece participant artists who gave their best work, their dedication, and their enthusiasm to make the project move forward.

    Inspired by the garden and its abundant sense of wonder and beauty in nature, they developed a series of ten leaves, each its own oasis of inspiration. Every leaf features a flower symbolizing a human quality we aspire to in our everyday lives.

    When the leaves were completed, there was a great sense of accomplishment by all. Our artists demonstrated true teamwork, showing anything can be achieved if we work together. This public art project became more than making some extra money. It became a sense of pride, a feeling of belonging, a drive to succeed.

  • Comissioned by: 200 Ocean, LLC

    Size: Series of 10 leaves, ranging in size from 3 ft to 6 ft

    Materials: Ceramic tile

    Viewing: Gated courtyard, not public

    Address: 6109 Carlos Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90028

    Piece by Piece Artists: Dawn Mendelson, Luz Mack-Durini, Leigh Adams, Bea Jones, Julie Williams, Jose M., Hilda M., Victor J., Hugo S., Victor V., Juan N.

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