Hugo S.

Mosaic Artist

Where are you from? Where do you live now?
I was born in Guatemala.

Tell us about past work/school or other meaningful experiences .
I graduated as an Accounting Expert in 1984 in Guatemala City, my homeland. I studied at the University of San Carlos in Guatemala but I did not finish my studies because I moved to the USA in 1991. Here in the United States I worked as a cook and sandwich maker and then at Piece by Piece as an artist since 2010.

What is something you are proud of?
My academic preparation

When did you first come to Piece by Piece?
In the summer of 2010. At the Jameswoods Community Center.

What has Piece by Piece and creating mosaics added to your life?
Economic and emotional well-being.

Who inspires you?

What project have you enjoyed most? And why?
The leaves [in Villas at Gower]. I had just started to work on larger projects at Piece by Piece and it was such an interesting and new task for me. Creating these large 3D items was beautiful. I learned so much!

What keeps you coming back to Piece by Piece every week?
I love to create and I missed it from my life.