Get to Know Beatrice Jones of Piece by Piece

Today, we are celebrating Instructor Beatrice Jones and her remarkable contributions to Piece by Piece!  Fortunately for all who walk through the doors of Piece by Piece, Bea understands the intricate interplay between art, mental health, and community. Her work is fueled by compassion, creativity, and resilience.

Bea's journey is one marked by a profound commitment to both artistic expression and mental wellness. Her passion for art led her in many directions over the years, including decorative gourds which she grew in her backyard. She even joined  the Gourd Society—an unexpected  yet serendipitous event. It was through this pursuit that she crossed paths with Leigh Adams, then president of the Gourd Society, whose vibrant purple hair and flourishing gourds captured Bea's imagination and kindled a lasting friendship rooted in shared passions. It was Leigh that encouraged Bea to reach out to PIece by PIece as a volunteer. Everyone at Piece by PIece is so grateful she did. 

But Bea's story extends far beyond her artistic pursuits. With a career spanning 34 years as a mental health worker, including a decade spent running medication clinics, she has dedicated her life to supporting individuals on their journey towards healing and wholeness. Through her work, she has touched countless lives, offering guidance, compassion, and support to those in need.

Bea offering instruction on a large scale commission

It was in 2009 that Bea's path intersected with Piece by Piece—a nonprofit organization dedicated to empowering individuals facing economic hardship, trauma, and homelessness through mosaic art. Through Piece by Piece, Bea found the opportunity to put her professional skills to work while learning the art of mosaic. At Piece by Piece’s Broadway Village location she learned and worked alongside fellow artists, including Dawn, Luz, and participant artists, forging bonds of friendship and collaboration that would shape her journey in profound ways.

As Bea delved deeper into her mosaic career, she found herself at the intersection of art therapy and community service—a space where creativity becomes a powerful tool for healing and transformation. With guidance from mentors like Dawn and Luz, she honed her craft and embarked on a new chapter of her journey.

But perhaps Bea's greatest joy lies in witnessing the transformative power of mosaic art firsthand. Through Piece by Piece, she has had the privilege of watching individuals evolve—finding confidence, joy, and new pathways of self-expression through the healing process of mosaic art. She has recruited friends and retired mental health professionals Sandy Taylor and Clarissa Epps, and many others, to be a part of her journey at Piece by Piece. Sandy, Clarissa, and all the participants serve as testaments to the profound impact of creative expression on mental wellness and personal growth.

Bea with Artistic Director Dawn

In celebrating Bea and her contributions to Piece by Piece, we honor not only her artistic talent and dedication but also her commitment and skill using art as a vehicle for positive change. Through her work, she reminds us all of the profound connection between creativity, mental health, and community service—a connection that continues to inspire and uplift those around her.

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