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  • Bringing Art to Life: From Postcard to Frame

    Bringing Art to Life: From Postcard to Frame

    We're excited to share with you a special project that beautifully blends art, history, and community empowerment. Longtime volunteer Sheila Nash spent years collecting an array of art-themed postcards, each offering a window into different worlds of art. These postcards...

  • A colorful butterfly mosaic fluttering above a group of flowers

    Spring Additions

    This Spring we celebrated Gratitude and the growth of our Piece by Piece family. We have a joyful group of beginning students that love learning all about mosaics, with some pre-pandemic members that just recently made their way back to...

  • A basket of gift for mother's day, including soap, a card, and a mosaic of a heart.

    Unique Handmade Mosaics for a Memorable Mother's Day Gift | Piece by Piece

    Looking for a unique and beautiful gift for Mother's Day? Check out Piece by Piece's stunning handmade mosaics, crafted with high-quality materials and intricate designs. Shop now and give your mother a gift she'll treasure forever!
  • A mosaic vase, frame, and necklace

    Ten reasons to shop at Piece by Piece

    When you shop at Piece by Piece you are supporting our mission and powering a small business that supports individuals who are building new futures for themselves.


  • Give the Gift of Hope

    Give the Gift of Hope

    Whether it is for your employer, employees, clients, the perfect event swag, or attracting the right talent, our meaningful gifts go a long way in setting your business or organization apart.