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  • Artist smiling in the Piece by Piece studio.

    Meet Cecelia: Piece by Piece Mosaic Artist

    Art brings me happiness and reduces my stress, allowing me to continue learning and growing at my own pace. I now have hope in my life. I wasn't satisfied before, but now I'm happy. I've realized that even as a slow learner or worker, I can create beauty. I can share my creations with friends and family, and together, we can build something meaningful.
  • A glass mosaic of a blue flower.

    May is Mental Health Awareness Month

    Mosaic art, in particular, offers a unique way to promote mental wellness. Through the process of assembling various pieces, participants experience a sense of focus and concentration that helps to quiet the mind and alleviate stress.
  • Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month

    AAPI Heritage Month: A Rich Tradition in Mosaic Arts

    As we celebrate Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) Heritage Month, it is important to recognize the diverse and vibrant cultures that make up this community. One aspect of AAPI culture that often goes unrecognized is the rich tradition of mosaic arts.
  • A group of artists standing in front of two large oval artworks in a museum.

    Piece by Piece Field Trip to see the Kehinde Wiley exhibit at Roberts Places

    If you're a lover of contemporary art, then there's no better place to be than Roberts Places for the Kehinde Wiley exhibit. This exhibit is a must-see for anyone who appreciates art that is bold, vibrant, and full of diversity. Since the Piece by Piece artists and staff appreciate all of those things we went on a field trip to Roberts Places to wrap up Black History Month
  • Artist showing off a variety of mosaic artworks.

    Celebrating Black History Month with Mosaics by June C.

    At Piece by Piece, we are fortunate to have many talented artists. Today, June C. is sharing her perspectives on Black History Month and highlighting some of her mosaic portraits of African American Icons. Mosaic art is a great way...