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  • Then and Now with Hugo: His Growth at Piece by Piece

    Then and Now with Hugo: His Growth at Piece by Piece

    Previously, Hugo aimed to learn as many techniques as possible and master them gradually. His current goal is to emulate artists like Jose and Luz, who expertly utilize every piece of material. "Jose and Luz are an inspiration for me, and it's my goal to become more like them," Hugo shared, highlighting his commitment to continuous improvement and the pursuit of excellence in mosaic art.
  • Inspired by Marvin Gaye

    Inspired by Marvin Gaye

    More than six years after joining Piece by Piece and having learned so much, I was given an assignment to create a portrait of a recognizable person from my past. The choice of a suitable subject was clear. It had been nearly forty years since we had lost Marvin, and I had a great photo of my old basketball buddy on my phone.
  • In the Studio

    In the Studio

    All of us at Piece by Piece are proud of the work of June, Hector, Claressa, and John are doing to bring their unique visions to life. Each artist in the Piece by Piece family contributes to the rich tapestry of creativity at Piece by Piece. We will feature other artists in future posts. 
  • Introducing Jonathan: A Newly Certified Artist at Piece by Piece

    Introducing Jonathan: A Newly Certified Artist at Piece by Piece

    Jonathan has always had a flair for artistic expression, dabbling in the arts during his high school days and even joining a dance crew for two years. However, it's here at Piece by Piece that his creativity has truly flourished and found its home.
  • Artist smiling and working on flower mosaics.

    Embarking on an Artistic Odyssey: Ricardo's Mosaic Journey at Piece by Piece

    Formerly a pizza delivery person, he spent a significant chunk of his life navigating the neighborhood. During his deliveries, he frequently found himself at the doors of Piece by Piece, the studio's vibrant mosaic creations leaving an indelible mark on his imagination.
  • Two new team members stand in front of group of plants.

    Welcome Wendy

    We are delighted to introduce Wendy Viscarra who has recently joined our esteemed team at Piece by Piece. Join us in celebrating the arrival of Wendy, our Picerne Foundation Artist Outreach Instructor.