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  • Artist Jose working on Teller Commission

    A Cherished Memory Recreated by Piece by Piece

    Recently, Piece by Piece was approached with a heartwarming commission request from Lisi Teller. Lisi envisioned a surprise for her parents; a creation that would not only honor the memory of a departed loved one but also encapsulate the beauty of the stained-glass windows commissioned by their family in 1999.
  • A colorful butterfly mosaic fluttering above a group of flowers

    Spring Additions

    This Spring we celebrated Gratitude and the growth of our Piece by Piece family. We have a joyful group of beginning students that love learning all about mosaics, with some pre-pandemic members that just recently made their way back to...

  • Artists standing around a large mosaic they worked on of Hollywood on a sunny day.

    The Making of a Custom Commission

    One of the things that brings us great joy at Piece by Piece is making custom commissions that bring to life the ideas of our customers. It’s a simple and straightforward process that anyone can request. Whether it’s a custom...

  • Artist working on a large mosaic to honor veterans.

    My Veterans Legacy Mural Journey by Patricia Bobik Sezna 

    Piece by Piece had recently been awarded the project, so I contacted them to share my experience with the original National Veterans Mural. Once again, the timing turned out to be perfect; the workshops for the Veterans Legacy Mural project were just about to begin. I was then invited to collaborate with Piece by Piece and Metro Arts as a guest artist on the new mural - 28 years after my original involvement! 
  • Large mosaic butterflies on the side of a building.

    Piece by Piece Creates Butterflies and Flora Mosaics for Sandy Segal Youth Health Center

    The Piece by Piece artist team recently completed a series of California Native mosaic butterflies for the Dr. Carpenter Memorial Garden, in honor of the late Dr. Sarah Carpenter, who was an inspiration as both a leader and a physician at the Sandy Segal Youth Health Center.  
  • Give the Gift of Hope

    Give the Gift of Hope

    Whether it is for your employer, employees, clients, the perfect event swag, or attracting the right talent, our meaningful gifts go a long way in setting your business or organization apart.