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  • A Few of our Favorite Things

    A Few of our Favorite Things

    We are excited to share with you "A Few of Our Favorite Things," a thoughtfully curated collection by the Piece by Piece artists. This collection is handpicked by the talented artists and staff at Piece by Piece. These pieces show the...

  • Bringing Art to Life: From Postcard to Frame

    Bringing Art to Life: From Postcard to Frame

    We're excited to share with you a special project that beautifully blends art, history, and community empowerment. Longtime volunteer Sheila Nash spent years collecting an array of art-themed postcards, each offering a window into different worlds of art. These postcards...

  • Artist Jose working on Teller Commission

    A Cherished Memory Recreated by Piece by Piece

    Recently, Piece by Piece was approached with a heartwarming commission request from Lisi Teller. Lisi envisioned a surprise for her parents; a creation that would not only honor the memory of a departed loved one but also encapsulate the beauty of the stained-glass windows commissioned by their family in 1999.
  • A colorful butterfly mosaic fluttering above a group of flowers

    Spring Additions

    This Spring we celebrated Gratitude and the growth of our Piece by Piece family. We have a joyful group of beginning students that love learning all about mosaics, with some pre-pandemic members that just recently made their way back to...

  • Artists standing around a large mosaic they worked on of Hollywood on a sunny day.

    The Making of a Custom Commission

    One of the things that brings us great joy at Piece by Piece is making custom commissions that bring to life the ideas of our customers. It’s a simple and straightforward process that anyone can request. Whether it’s a custom...

  • Artist working on a large mosaic to honor veterans.

    My Veterans Legacy Mural Journey by Patricia Bobik Sezna 

    Piece by Piece had recently been awarded the project, so I contacted them to share my experience with the original National Veterans Mural. Once again, the timing turned out to be perfect; the workshops for the Veterans Legacy Mural project were just about to begin. I was then invited to collaborate with Piece by Piece and Metro Arts as a guest artist on the new mural - 28 years after my original involvement!