Piece by Piece Artists Get Into the Details with Micromosaic During the month of June

Our focus in June is the intricate world of micromosaic. This month, we also started our weekly virtual inspiration workshops, led by artist instructor Ellen Dinerman. These weekly online workshops will feature different artists from time to time, bringing new ideas and ways to foster creativity. For the theme of micromosaics, Ellen shared during this time some videos of traditional artists making small artworks, and also took some time to explore other types of small works.

Ellen Dinerman leading this week’s virtual inspiration workshop.

These virtual workshops are recorded and stored in our online group site, where artists who couldn’t attend in person can watch, and also those who want to review the presentation again.

The Directed Studies in-person workshop in June was led by Ellen Dinerman and supported by Bea Jones. Participant artists studied traditional techniques of micromosaics from Italy and elsewhere. They first sketched a series of designs, working on simplicity and color.

Participant artists Kim, Angelica, Hilda, and James working on Micromosaics.

A second session had artists making their own pendants, using the designs they sketched before, and a variety of materials including glass, filati and beads.

Participant artist Vickie created this pendant, which sold at our open house that week!


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