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  • Artists working on mosaics at a Piece by Piece workshop.

    Crafting Stories, Piece by Piece: Announcing New Classes for Veterans

    Over the past year, Piece by Piece has been honored to work closely with the veteran community in collaboration with LA Metro to design a new mural for the Purple Line extension. This journey allowed us to engage with over...

  • Artist holding up a mosaic of an outdoor scene.

    Meet Sidney: Piece by Piece Mosaic Artist

    "I'm open to working with any materials in mosaic art. I'm intrigued by all of it, regardless of what is used. I embrace the learning process and take on each project. For me, it's more about learning and becoming like the other participants in the program."
  • Artist working on a large mosaic to honor veterans.

    My Veterans Legacy Mural Journey by Patricia Bobik Sezna 

    Piece by Piece had recently been awarded the project, so I contacted them to share my experience with the original National Veterans Mural. Once again, the timing turned out to be perfect; the workshops for the Veterans Legacy Mural project were just about to begin. I was then invited to collaborate with Piece by Piece and Metro Arts as a guest artist on the new mural - 28 years after my original involvement!