Meet Piece by Piece volunteer Patricia Bobik Sezna

Recently, we took some time to sit down with Patricia, one of our amazing volunteers. We hope you will enjoy what she had to say as much as we did. 

What do you enjoy doing when you volunteer at Piece by Piece?
I really enjoy interacting with the many inspiring and creative people I’ve met through Piece by Piece: teachers, students, staff, volunteers, and visiting artists. 

I truly cherish this amazing opportunity to gain skills and experience in mosaic arts— a medium I’ve always admired but never previously explored. I’m using my background in graphic arts to help support and encourage others while challenging my own creativity in new and exciting ways. 

I benefit so much from sharing ideas and nurturing creativity in an open, welcoming environment. The atmosphere of acceptance and sincere caring fosters personal growth, self-confidence, friendships, and camaraderie simply by learning and creating together. I also love learning from such incredibly talented and generous people and even just being a part of this warm, supportive community. 

I especially love that we all laugh together – a lot! 


What is a typical volunteer day like for you?
Every day offers a variety of experiences: something unique to learn, someone new to meet, another technique to try, a new concept to consider. I participate in the main studio on most Mondays and Wednesdays during student classes and open studio time, plus Fridays at a class on the Veterans Administration campus. Most days, I spend time engaging with people while immersing myself in continued learning. I always endeavor to observe, listen, take notes, ask questions, help, experiment, practice, encourage, ask more questions, review my notes, support, explore… and then I ask MORE questions!

What have you learned while volunteering at Piece by Piece?
I’ve learned so much about the fascinating world of mosaic arts – history, styles, pattern flow, various processes and techniques – yet still feel I’ve barely scratched the surface. I had thought that my illustration skills would very easily translate to mosaic work, but find I encounter intriguing aspects of mosaic work that I never did with drawing or painting. I’ve also discovered that mosaics have so much more to offer than I had imagined; it can be incredibly simple or remarkably complex, depending on how far you want to take it.

I‘ve learned that success with mosaics requires an open mind, a great deal of patience, and a willingness to be flexible. I will say that I’m developing a real enthusiasm for mosaic - it gets under your skin (sometimes literally!)

What would you like people to know about Piece by Piece?
Piece by Piece is a vibrant, essential nonprofit organization that utilizes the healing power of art to transform lives. This dedicated group strives to provide supportive outreach and achieve meaningful community engagement where it is most needed. Piece by Piece continues to empower and support many individuals with specialized professional programs that bring real value to people’s lives in both tangible and intangible ways. These individuals, in turn, each go on to enrich their own communities with inspiring courage, creativity, and skillful artwork.

I want people to know that one of the simplest yet most meaningful ways to support their efforts is by purchasing handcrafted artworks created by skilled artisans trained through Piece by Piece’s comprehensive programs. Every piece sold brings joy to the receiver, fulfillment to the creator, and real hope to entire communities. 

May you also find yourself inspired and transformed in new, unexpected ways!

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