Piece by Piece Stories

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  • Two volunteers take a selfie in front of the Piece by Piece door.

    Volunteer Spotlight: Ally Rose

    When asked about her favorite activities while volunteering at Piece by Piece, Ally enthusiastically shared her joy in handling the finished artwork created by the talented artists at the studio. She finds herself captivated by the varying sizes and intricacies of the pieces, often taking a moment to admire their beauty.
  • Two new team members stand in front of group of plants.

    Welcome Wendy

    We are delighted to introduce Wendy Viscarra who has recently joined our esteemed team at Piece by Piece. Join us in celebrating the arrival of Wendy, our Picerne Foundation Artist Outreach Instructor. 
  • A group of artists posing at a museum hall.

    Piece by Piece Field Trip to Hauser & Wirth

    Recently, the artists, instructors, and staff of Piece by Piece embarked on a field trip to Hauser & Wirth in Los Angeles' Arts District  to explore the new exhibition called "Beyond Measure" by Thomas J Price, a talented British artist known for his diverse body of work.
  • A colorful butterfly mosaic fluttering above a group of flowers

    Spring Additions

    This Spring we celebrated Gratitude and the growth of our Piece by Piece family. We have a joyful group of beginning students that love learning all about mosaics, with some pre-pandemic members that just recently made their way back to...

  • Two artists holding up the micro mosaics they crafted!

    Micromosaic Fun with Ellen Dinerman

    In June, Piece by Piece participants studied micromosaics, a style of mosaic using small rods of glass to create tiny figurative images. While traditional Italian micromosaics are extremely intricate, in this workshop, instructor Ellen Dinerman guided artists to create more simple designs. By starting simple, artists were able to focus on the process for their first pieces.
  • Artists working on mosaics at a Piece by Piece workshop.

    Piece by Piece: Empowering Individuals After Homelessness and Other Challenges

    The latest report from the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority (LAHSA) has revealed a 10 percent increase in homelessness within the City of Los Angeles, bringing the total number of people experiencing homelessness to over 46,000. Piece by Piece helps individuals improve their mental wellness, build community and earn income supporting them as they transition out of homelessness.