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  • A Few of our Favorite Things

    A Few of our Favorite Things

    We are excited to share with you "A Few of Our Favorite Things," a thoughtfully curated collection by the Piece by Piece artists. This collection is handpicked by the talented artists and staff at Piece by Piece. These pieces show the...

  • Bringing Art to Life: From Postcard to Frame

    Bringing Art to Life: From Postcard to Frame

    We're excited to share with you a special project that beautifully blends art, history, and community empowerment. Longtime volunteer Sheila Nash spent years collecting an array of art-themed postcards, each offering a window into different worlds of art. These postcards...

  • Piece by Piece Artists Study Tool Use and Techniques in November

    Piece by Piece Artists Study Tool Use and Techniques in November

    Instructor Ellen Dinerman led workshops in November focusing on tool use. Participants learned the value of knowing the right tool for the job, be it glass cutting, ceramic nipping, or even clay sculpting. They created unique pieces this month using...

  • About Piece by Piece

    About Piece by Piece

    At Piece by Piece, the participant artists achieve so much more than simply creating beautiful mosaic art pieces. They are part of a community that fosters personal growth, empowerment, and a sense of belonging. Here, the act of creating art...

  • Abraham & Sophie

    Abraham & Sophie

    In 2007 Sophie Alpert had an epiphany. On a trip to South Africa, she observed micro-enterprise agencies helping women build economic opportunity. Using the model of empowering individuals to express their creativity to earn income, she was inspired to found...

  • October Sculpture Mosaic Workshop

    October Sculpture Mosaic Workshop

    At the end of every year, all participants, staff, instructors, and volunteers gather to envision the new year, choosing the skills artists want to hone and projects they want to create. Mosaic shoes was one of the most requested workshops.